Keys and Frequencies online event 27/03/2021

Today from 14 - 20 h


a bit complicated log-in-process…

mail -> code -> click register -> join talk -> put your name

did you enter? i missed it, …and how was it??? :loopy:

Will watching afterwards, the sound was very glitchy.

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i never checked where they mention those voucher codes? anyone?

From a SynthAnatomy article specifically for SOMA products:

During this event, you can save 8% on all SOMA products except on the Pulsar 32 with the code KEYSANDFREQSOMA2021 on Thomann.

Maybe there are codes for other products specifically too ?

You could try plugging in other names — KORG ??

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Is it possible to watch these videos now?

Cant see any videos there …

Apparently this was an ”interactive online event” that happened online but didn’t stay online? :smiley: Probably as good… Would’ve checked out the Moog session tho.

I keep checking the Thomann YouTube channel to see if they put anything up. I haven’t lost hope yet. In particular i’d like to know what Tats had to say about the future of electronic music.

Perhaps that will be news worthy enough to be written about in the e.m. media (Sonic State, etc.). If it’s not perhaps we didn’t miss much.

Yeah, we’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m all for spreading out to new platforms other than Youtube but hard to understand why they’d want to make a promo event ”exclusive” or difficult to access in any way. It’s not like the 10% discount (or was it 8%) on specific brands on Thomann was going to break the internet even if it got out there a bit wider (as it did anyway).

Good on Thomann (and all the other sponsors too) for doing these sorts of things anyway. This probably cost them less than the TSR event, with all the airfare and accommodations they paid for with that. I’d say the virtual event is the future, even beyond Covid. We’ll see if the NAMMs and the Superbooths of old come back.

This. Absolutely!

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