Key Tracking for the Filter?

Hey folks,

after a look into the manual, fiddling around with the device, diving into settings and menus … I wonder: Is there a way to key track the filters of the Analog Rytm (MK1)?

Thanks in advance, guys

AFAIK not possible. Eventually possible with external midi + midi processing, matching notes to filter frequencies Control Change by range.

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Mapping note # to velocity with a midi processor and then setting up a velocity macro on the AR opening the filter could be another convoluted-yet-simplerish alternative.

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Good idea! Btw, if Velocity mod works for key track with a specific range, it can be plocked. :slight_smile:

So in Velocity Mod I found a setting in order to have 1 velocity value = 1 semi-tone
May vary depending on machines / calibration
Not perfect.

Velocity Mod : dest =filter, Depth = 125
Filter : Bandpass, Freq = 0, high Resonance

Play a tuned sample.
Find the fundamental of your choice.
Plock velocity
Apply a square lfo with depth = +12 (1 octave up / down)

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