JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


Yep… I hope this “is what it is” with only slight refinements to the workflow, where necessary without the need for promised enhancements down the line.

I’d have been happy without the sampling inputs tbh given there’s a card slot, really does seem to have every base covered as far as what a drum machine could be… tho I don’t think we’ve been made fully aware everything it can do.

Hopefully soon a respectable reviewer gets hold of one.


Sounds delicious but an honest question (and maybe a contentious one around these parts): Is there anything here - sonically - that couldn’t be achieved with the analog RYTM?

I’m new to the RYTM and have a supericial understanding of drum synth programming so far.


Seemed to disappear for me too… not that I have the cash yet… Maybe the cost is still to be finalised ? Last minute changes ?


found one for $1799 online


They’re going to sound different as a Moog sounds different from a Sequential or a Fender from a Gibson.

All I know is if I didn’t already have an AR and looking for a drum machine, choosing between them would require considerable consideration.


Agreed… I’d done Rytm for a couple of years and Tempest before that, but decided I wanted something more streamlined… tho I think I’m ready for a new beast, and now I’ve seen this… I’m totally helpless, like my daughter every time we pass build a bear : )


I’ve emailed them, so see what transpires I guess


Good idea !!

Maybe ask him if it has the same OS/Sequencer as the older boxes whilst your in conversation : )


Shiny new creative toys, after all. Age means shit all.

I’ll definitely give it a whirl when it arrives to my toy store.


There is definitely something about the sound that reminds me of the early hours in the morning at an underground night club. Maybe it’s the FM like tones, to me it sounds a bit like a monomachine.
Those filters working on that guitar sample are very sleazy (in a good way).


Kraft music bro?


I think he take the decision to retire the offer because it reach his amount for this offer very fast. (I guess)
But it still there at 1699 :


Think he may have it running through Analog Heat here from 2 mins on…


I hope the final retail price in places like Thomann will be lower, similar to Analog Rytm


If anything I expect it’s the Moonwind next to it…


That Kick at 3:18 on is disgusting.

I’ll def need to hear it in the wild first. Maybe by then I’ll be able to part with the AR…


I jest : )

Pretty sure It’s jus a bad recording mate, smashin the converters on the way in. :blush:

  • I suppose I should add that I use AH and It sounds fantastic. : )


noisebug is the name, haven’t researched their dealer cred though


If I get it I would go through Kraft music. They used to be nova musik and I bought my MPD24 and x station through them. Good people.


yea i get that vibe from it too. old school warehouse techno in its veins :slight_smile: