JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


Tell me you did not want to dress up like beastie boys in intergalactic and dance to those loops?


This is the emailed reply I just got from them …
Hi, no we have no preordering. It will be available in summertime through dealers.
Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
The Jomox-Team


“It has 11 voices” … that’s one more innit.

[awkward Spinal Tap reference]

i should place a link to explain.

kind of awkward, but anyway…

“These Go To Eleven”, enjoy…


There was an offer at 1499 as pre-order but I guess the first batch is solded and they retire the offer from the shop. few weeks ago you can see the alpha base in the products shop under drum machine and order.


Agreed 100%. This is where I’m at as well. TR-8 is working pretty well for me in this regard, but I admit it would be nice to have something as straightforward but with some analog mojo.

Quoted for truth. Sad but true. Not a fan of “Hey kids, collect 'em all!” type product lines. I totally get it. It’s a business. They have to make money. It’s effective. But doesn’t mean I have to like it or agree with the ethos.


and yet the truth remains that the less tracks that are trying to stream through an audio lead, the better the quality is.


I’ve heard the Jomox sequencer is not as easy to use as the Elektron way. I’ve never confirm that though. Do your research before you go all in.


I owned the Jomox xbase 999 for long years along the Elektron one and I confirm that workflow on Jomox isn’t as fluent as Elktrons.


I’ve had 2 888s and the elektron “flow” is smother… but also a lot easier to fall into a programming abyss, when all you wanted was a simple groove… an hour later and I forgot what I intended on doing. : ) anything can become as fluent as the next thing tho.

I’m looking forward to something simpler. No idea how I can afford it yet, but it certainly seems worth the price when you consider its features vs the competition.


I guess everyone are agree on the Jomox sound btw… it’s massive punch and RAW sounding


sounds lovely. yea I wish they’d streamline the interface n software too, time for a bit of modernizing (fair play to elektron for being totally on point with modernizing their gear with DT).
the jomox is way too pricey for what it is imo. I wouldn’t pay more than a grand euros for it personally, and that would be at a push. pity that as I’m sure it just cost that much for them to produce, not much they can do about it.

do youse think it’s too expensive or not guys?


Interesting question on price. Some random observations:

Somebody compared a DT to an S950 over on the Digitakt thread. The 950 cost 1400quid in 1988 and the S series was considered a top of the line “professional” studio solution. Professional usually had to do with having multi outs, quality converters and effects and being built like a tank. The “professional” marketing seems to have been dropped by gear manufacturers these days but we shouldn’t lose sight of it when assessing price points. 1400 quid is a lot of money in today’s prices.

There seems to be an upward trend in gear prices perhaps driven by the mini renaissance we are experiencing - I think the analog resurgence and Eurorack explosion has given manufacturers confidence to push into higher price points - Novations Peak, and Waldorfs new “3 grand” flagship etc - Jomox are playing in this space, this is his “professional” flagship drum machine priced according to the market.

1400 quid is 3600 in today’s money.


I don’t find the Jomox over prices.
First, it’s a very beautiful drum machine, nice metal dressed (I prefer the black one with orange inscriptions). I find it important. It’s big and very solid built. Those points are important and count in the price.
Second, it’s really good and reliable drum machine (except the OS). Mine always function until the battry dies. I change it and it had a second life.
Third, the sound is of a great quality (it’s not a problem of taste, just of obvious quality). The kick is the most powerful I ever eard (it kills several convertisseurs on my differents mix tables) and very nice. You take it between the eyes, wow.
Then on this new version Jomox included the membrane with metal sounding (from 888) I’m sure that it will be largely better than the previous snare on 999.
I really think that such a drum machine will last all your life.
It’s a real pleasure to just play it and ear the sound it could gives.
So yes I think that it’s the right price at one condition… a good and reliable OS. If it’s the case, I will have one, it’s real “Luxus Machina”, I love this beauty.


I don’t think it’s overpriced compared to Tanzbar, Tempest, Rytm… it’s has a lot more in this one compared to 888, 999… User Sample, External Sampling, FM synth, Real analog Jomox MBrane, Effects delay & reverb…

I think it will be 2000 or more… finally at 1699… probably a bit less in some shop or second hand (I’m sure they’ll be some people who finally drop it after 2 or 3 months…)

it’s honestly a very nice gear to get. definitely.
i suck to have failed and miss the deal at 1499… damn :frowning:


I’m interested too. I didn’t get get one of the previous iterations (888/999) but have a first gen Xbase09 and SEXbase09 (the black TokTok version). Despite the limitations, they are so easy to use. I’m tired of the 909 snare sound though.

For 888/999 owners (previous and current) what are the OS problems specifically? I can live with limitations, just not freezing/crashing type problems (which the Xbases’ never suffered)


the Alphabase just sounds soo damn funky


i really like the way it sounds. jomox kicks have always sat in a mix super nice, but as a whole this machine sounds really tasty. nice tones in the demos


Machinedrum SPS-1 UW+ MKII will be mine this week! Can’t wait :smiley:


these videos have really caught my ear. doubt i’ll buy one straight out the gate but i hope you guys who do will post reviews and jams here … i’m hesitant because of the OS stories i’ve heard over the years but i really want to believe.


yeah have heard about the OS hassles. Shame because to me those FM sounds really sit nicely with the kick. It seems to have a nice groove about it. I’m starting to tire of the Rytm analog sounds, a little dull compared to this.