JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer

Hoax or not?

I see on their site that the XBASE 888/999 are discontinued.

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Yes this is popping up in a few places, intrigued! No idea if it’s for real?

Quote from

Jomox seems to plan a sampling & analog revival of the Xbase Drum machine series – which looks much like something that might bother Elektron (Rytm!) – they “took over” the parameter locks per step from Jomox. the Xbases had an interesting way of chaining / appending nearby patterns – just set the length to more one pattern could normally hold – and the next one will be used – brilliant.

Pic looks interesting, 16 steps but 11 pads? That suggests semitone tuning like the Rytm, just missing the octave? Sample engine like the Rytm too.

If you zoom into step 10 you can see a shadow under the letters which is weird. Pic definitely looks suspect!

Hey. I think if you zoom in you can see that the blurriness is from a clear plastic sheet. Looking forward to seeing more on this machine. Looks pretty legit to me. Just hope the encoders are better than on the case 999!

I had to sign up to this forum to give my two pennys worth but have been reading stuff on here for a while so hello everyone! :slight_smile:


Also the 999 has 11 pads. The 11th being the filter.

More exciting than Roland’s webstream


Haha yeah a little disappointed with that! It seems like putting a number on something is a selling point.

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seems like a hoax… if you look close you can clearly see a plastic overlay

Yeah, can def see the plastic overlay in a few areas of that first pic, but maybe an early prototype case and the overlay just to help convey the concept/offer devs clear labelling whilst they’re tweaking final os etc?


If this is real I deffo want to try it… loved my jomox 888’ rough and heavy sound… the Software wasn’t the smoothest but I still miss it.

It’s real

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Alpha Base Reveled.


  • 11 Instruments:
    Kick Drum, MBrane, Cl HiHat, Op HiHat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride, X Sample 1, X Sample 2, FM Synth.

  • Real analog Jomox kick drum.

  • Real analog Jomox MBrane voice with 2 coupleable F-OSC for complex analog snare, percussion, bass and tom sounds ranging from 16Hz to 20kHz.

  • 2 sample based instruments with analog VCA ADSR envelope and/or HH filter, optionally with metallic noise mixed as extra sound source. The HH filter is 2-pole, HP/LP/Res each separated parameters, peakable but not oscillating.

  • 4 sample based instruments with analog VCA ADSR envelope and/or resonating multimode filter (LP, HP, BP) with ADSR envelope, optionally with metallic noise mixed as extra sound source. The multimode filter can be used as a signal generator in order to generate analog toms or sticks etc.

  • 2 sample based instruments with external sampling input and pure digital playback.

  • 1 FM synth with 4 operators and max. 6 voices for percussive sounds.

  • Effects delay, reverb with send per instrument, also insertable into analog signal path on CH, OH, Clp, Rim, Ride.

  • LFOs: per instrument one LFO (MBrane 2 LFOs) with 64 wave forms, each assignable on pitch, VCA, filter cutoff.

  • 250 samples 16 Bit/48kHz in internal flash memory.

  • SD card slot for loading of samples.

  • USB (Midi Device).

  • Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru.

  • DIN sync out 2x integrated in the jacks Midi Out or Midi Thru.

  • Inputs: stereo in for sampling, FX or sidechain. Both inputs are Hi-Z and suitable for guitar/bass or work up to line level +20dBu.

  • Outputs: 8 individual balanced outputs, stereo mix balanced, headphones.

  • Output Level: max. ca.+14dBu unbalanced, +20dBu balanced on all outputs.

  • 18 encoders

  • Input Volume is an analog potentiometer.

  • Phones Volume is an analog potentiometer.

  • Mix Volume is an analog potentiometer.

  • LCD display 2x24 characters.

  • 12V 2A DC external power supply.

  • Stable metal case.

  • Wood side cheeks, rubber feet.

  • Size: 41cm (16.1") x 24cm (9.5") x 8cm (3.2") (back side).

  • Weight: ca. 3.3kg (7.26 lbs).


Keeping an eye on that.

FM is beginning to creep into more and more product releases. :heat:


As much as I don’t trust Jomox, this interests me. I want so much to believe that Jomox has learned from all their previous mistakes/flaws with products they’ve released.

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I didn’t realize there were demos. Wow, the sounds in those demos sound really good.

So you’re gonna test it for us? :grin:


lol not this one; I’d have to sell something

But man, it can actually sample, and store sounds to SD.


I got the gears going in your head

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I’ve always loved the sound of Jomox’ synthesis.
Their sequencers, however, have not advanced much.

Can the Alpha Base sequencer do anything the Xbase sequencers cannot?

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