Jogging House - Person EP / Digitone, Digitakt, Eurorack, Tape


Hey friends!

I just dropped a surprise ambient EP and wanted to share it with you. It’s digital only and downloads are free (name your price) for the first week.

The more nerdy details: Three of the six tracks were made with just the Digitone and Digitakt and recorded straight to cassette. You might know some of these tracks from youtube (or this forum). The other half was made with my eurorack system. Sequenced and accompanied by both Tone and Takt. These tracks were multitracked to Ableton and then mixed to reel-to-reel tape. And then everything was mastered of course.

Since it is a digital only release, I did not put it out via my label. But obviosly there are correlations. It’s basically my way of thanking you and the many people I met on all kinds of social platforms for the wonderful support I received.

Feel free to ask questions or just say hi.

And yes, there will of course be other cassette releases in the future, just not this one.

Hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

Been out of the game for a minute. New synths to look out for?

Great as always. Lovin the new tracks.


Thank you, Donovan! So glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:





Thank you. This really means a lot to me.

Also, what does “rsp” mean? :slight_smile:




Oh, haha. Well, thanks for that, too.


always great to hear new music from you. thanks for the share.


Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Nice one => :beer:


Many thanks. :tropical_drink:


Just purchased! Very nice!


Thanks a lot. Can‘t believe so many people actually bought something I‘m giving away. You guys are the best.


Drops left to the source.
Well deserved.




Had a listen while at work today. Great stuff as usual, B!


Seriously, beautiful stuff!


Thank you, guys. The wonderful feedback is super motivating. Glad you like the release.


Absolutely beautiful man! Tones from the soul… Love your stuff :slight_smile:


As always, an excellent release. And very inspiring as well.

Instant buy :slight_smile: