Jamuary 2021 - Post your jams here

Happy New Year, people! Anyone got any plans for Jamuary?

I’ve neglected my Monomachine way too much this past year, so for Jamuary 2021 my plan is to make at least 10 MnM jams. Focus on different machines every couple of jams. No other synths allowed, maybe some OT mangling and FX though. Something like that. We’ll see what happens. :elmm:

Let’s hear your jams!

ps. Not sure if we want a separate Jamuary thread or if we should post our jams in the general jams thread. Was fun to have it all in one place last year.


Happy New Year! I’ve been lurking a while, and decided that Jamuary is a great excuse to sharpen up on my Digitakt skills. Here is my first jam, using PO-28 and Model:Cycles samples:

I’m aiming to not spend more than an hour on each of my jams to help with keeping the momentum over the month, and will be mostly using the Digitakt, with samples from other synths and field recordings.


Semi-generative jam investigating the use of probabilities, and randomness in tables with the Nerdseq.


Looking forward to follow this years jamuary.

For me it’s going to be Digitakt, Machinedrum and Moog mother 32.

10 jams should be possible. I hope…

Hi. This is my first jam this year :=)


Yay! I squeezed a jam out today!

I’ve been loving Jamuary since I came across it!

Gear used:
OB6>>TimeLine>>Big Sky
RYTM stereo outs only

Both running through the EQ section of the Marantz PMD 740 and into the Heat.
Heat into Logic and subtle mastering.

Really looking forward to listening to everyone’s efforts :100:


Number 01 in the can :slight_smile: MC707 into iRig so unfortunately summed to mono but it’ll have to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy new year Elektronauts!
Just released a new Digitone only techno jam on YouTube to start into Jamuary 2021. As always all sounds are coming straight out of the Digitone and are recorded in one take into my Olympus LS-5. Your feedback is highly appreciated! :green_heart:


This was insanely good! Just keep going, your videos are great. Happy new year!


Awesome stuff mate, especially if you consider that you only have 4 Tracks to work with. I can only imagine how many Sound Locks you needed, distributed over all the tracks, to get this going :slight_smile: Thumbs up :thup:

Already replied on YT, btw :wink:

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Haha yeah there are a lot of soundlocks in this one. For me this is one of the things that make it so great to work with the Elektron Machines :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your feedback and keep up your great work!

jam no#1
I was working on a song for about an hour :smiley:


Happy New Year all :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to ask: what is the intention or benefit of having video with the music? ( Sorry if i m just getting too old to understand online culture :smile:)

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Hope you will play live and make people dance soon. That vibe!

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nice to see you around here… hope everythings good with you

as said

hope @MilesKvndra play live and make us dance i hope could dance it live


No worries haha. I just like to have a visual thing along with the music, that’s all. :slight_smile:


Happy New Year everyone. Focused on using the Model Samples and an IPad for this one.


This Jamuary I’m going to focus on the Monomachine. I got the MnM in summer 2019, just in time to avoid the rapidly rising second hand prices of this wonderful machine. As much as I love the sound, I’ve been struggling to make tracks with it. This is largely due to me not giving enough love to the MnM, which I’m now trying to remedy.

Even though my first minimalistic and short MnM jam is nothing special, I’m again reminded of how unique the MnM is. First and foremost, I’m just going to try and have fun exploring it. In this jam I only used the FM+ static machine and gnd sin.


The build and drop from 5.30 is awesome. Great jam from just the one box!

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