Jamuary 2019


Finally recorded something. Never sound quite as good after you’ve recorded it, but oh well! A4 + Rytm.


I also have the feeling that it always sounds much better from the headphones of the machines. Is the influence of the conversion so big? I guess depends on the audio interface


Yeah, maybe, unless I’m just imagining things. I’m sitting here listening to the recording in Live, then playing back from the machines directly, and there are simply details missing (or you know, playing directly from the machines, there seems to be more of a crispness in the sound, like the range of frequencies in every sound is just broader). And then comparing with the Soundcloud version as well, even more so.


I wonder if that also depends on the Daw your using, older version, newer version, etc…also how many da to ad conversions are happening before it gets to the tracking / recording process.


We made a synth version of our own Ep.11 for piano solo. Now using synths from the Elektron Analog Keys (for all melodic lines) and Ableton Live 10 (Operator for the 6 notes chords)

Tomita, Wendy Carlos are our references.


PO-33 Rashomon

Beats made on Teenage Engineering PO-33. Rashomon samples added and mixed in Ableton. Mastered in Ozone.


Today’s quick noodle. Put some things back in the studio (Digitakt, Volca Kick) and wired/synced everything up again. All the buttons & lights ^^


bouncy house! 19 for 19 so far

PO-12 doin some serious work real-time.
(forked to 2 paths. path A cuts lows, heavy mid boost, mixes into the main bus, aux send to Strymon bluesky. path B routes through minifooger drive plus an FMR RNC to shape the transient some, then boosted low and cut mid/high. everything else, including path A, sidechained by path B)



Pretty chill Minilogue jam to ease myself back in after a few days off thanks to work and illness.

Surprised how many people aren’t aware that you can change the step division on the Minilogue to get sequences that move (a lot) slower. Faking long sequences with arpeggios is a classic trick for me.


one minute excerpt from today’s jam - digitone / trym / heat



How much does the Heat put into the final sound? I’d love to hear this jam with the Heat toggling between on and bypassed if at all possible @other


I’ve been making different styles for Jamuary.
More chilled out vibe on this one. (Glorious) Pads are from the OB6 through the 3 BOSS 500 series, drums are from my two Octatracks, and the lead is the SE-1. The Sub 37 is in there but I don’t know how to describe the sound it is making.

Captured the stereo file and put some plugins on track before bouncing.


This time I set it to clean boost so it’s not drastic and only Rytm is affected [ rytm > heat > digitone > ableton ]. In this jam I use it mostly as filter [ not inlcued on IS video :confused: ]


My 8th track I’ve done for #jamuary. Faster bpm, some live playing in there as well! Enjoy


4 Organelle patches, mixed in Ableton, mastered in Ozone. Bird samples by Valotikhuu (valotihkuu.bandcamp.com/). Organelle patches by shreeswifty (www.patreon.com/shreeswifty/posts)


Little Techno #jamuary with a friend who came by to explore with me the new possibilites of the Novation OS v1.2.


@Mcpepe @Fin25 Jamuary inspired me to upload for the first time. It really helps with the perfectionism too. I always thought my stuff was not good enough but the easygoing jamming nature of Jamuary helped. And if you start once it’s easier to keep it going.

Speaking of easy. How do you all create your videos? I try to keep it as simple as possible:

  1. Digitakt Overbridge or Audio Interface into DAW
    1.5 Video Capture on IPhone
  2. Cutting away excess and normalize
  3. Export to IPhone
  4. Use IMovie app to cut Video and add Audio
  5. Upload to Instagram

While I am happy there is room for improvement.
How do you all work?

Anyways here a Sunday Chill Jam on the Digitakt:


@Untitled Your video is good! You are right, keep it as simple as possible so you can upload more often. Everyone has its own workflow that makes it easiest to do the job.

My workflow is:
1.-Record audio with my soundcard (RME FF400) if video is done in the studio. Or record with Zoom H1 handy recorder if video is done with the band in the rehearsal place. Most of the time audio is mastered in Logic, for better sound.
2.-Record video with Lumix TZ80 (My phone doesnt have enough quality for videos) at 4K. Using a camera also let me use the zoom, tripode and have an overall better quality.
3.-Video edited in my computer with Vegas14, I bought last year very cheap at a Humble Blundle offer. Its relatively easy to use and powerful.
4.-Upload to as many places as I am able to do. Not only social media, but also forums, reddit, Facebook groups,…
It’s a lot of work…


Funky Double Bass + Pocket Operator PO12 + Analog Keys


Just sat down for an hour and made dark and hypnotic warehouse techno. Really enjoyed making this one. Transitions and big buildups have never been my thing. I may have to explore more of this avenue.

No synths, only my Octatracks being ran through stuff into my MX-1, 4 plugins on the master. Print.

Quick instagram… https://instagram.com/p/Bs5VxOMg1Bv/