Jamuary 2019


It’s Jamuary 2019…

So I am kicking things off


Let’s do this thing!




crazy :slight_smile:


Haven’t made a track in a while, so I figured I’d share an exhale for Jamuary. First half was inspired by the style of Floating Points(hence the name)


Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while but I’m always lurking around here. I’m taking this opportunity to start off this year right, exercise my creativity and form a good habit.

Here are my first 2 jams. Cheers to the New Year!


Nice thread, people! Cool to hear what people are making. Well done, and keep it coming! :slight_smile:





It’s my first time filming my jams. As I’m putting together a live set, it will be a good exercise to see where to improve.
On the 1st I recreated a song of mine :
Yesterday I did a cover of “On & On”, by Erykah Badu:


The plan is to get into the habbit of making more music in 2019 so whether thats full blown songs or just wee jams. 1st January, samples from a video I took whilst we were out feeding ducks.



Jam #1

Jam #2

Jam #3




OP-Z/OP-1 combo live recorded and screen captured. Animation FX within OPZ.



I came across Jamuary 2019 from watching the lovely Cuckoo and was inspired enough to start myself. Thought I’d share day 3, as a way of saying hello.


Episode 3 is up!


1st 2019 Jam


First one is using the Synthstrom Deluge: