Jamuary 2019


Checking audiorate modulations. AM on the Mother, joined by some DFAM insustrial drums


Thank you, much appreciated!

It sounds like a lot of work but it also shows in the quality of your Videos. I will definitely look into Vegas 14.


Some Digitakt and guitar.



see if u can recognize the track I got some inspiration from


#jamuary2019 all ready
omg i been abducted by alliens and torched
they send me back to earth to warn all off human mankind no way back there here…:alien:

used gear AR-mk1, Heat and TB-03


Keeping it simple: iRig2 straight into iPhone from either MX-1 (studio) or whatever instrument I got at home, but it’s always mono because of that. :v


First day with Digitone


Ep.18 Odyssey.
The arpeggios are like the colors of the Rainbow. :slight_smile:

Synthstrom Deluge and Waldorf Rocket recorded first directly to the Deluge’s SD card.
Then I added a simple bass line with the Elektron Analog Keys.


Track #9 for my jamuary challenge. This one was done extremely quick. I think it shows in the quality, oof. Enjoy!


somehow i hadn’t done a solo a4mkii jamuary jam till now?


Yo this is my first day with Digitone too! Such amazing tones within the hour <3

The day before I had some inspiration from Michael Jackson on the Digitakt!


Yet another OPZ track, I really like this one, though it could’ve been a better take :laughing:


Here’s my 10th submission for the month. This had quite a bit of my old Alesis Quadraverb on it, but I’m noticing one of the channels is starting to go. Still had a lot of fun with this one. Enjoy!


11th track for the #Jamuary challenge. This quickie was put together by running my PO-28 Robot through the Korg Monotron Filter and adding some nice pad sound on top from the Digitone. I can’t remember where the bassline is coming from, oof. Enjoy!


I’ve been experimenting this week with the deconstruction of dance patterns. In this longish piece, I’ve captured sounds from a fairly standard techno pattern from the Machinedrum onto the Cocoquantus where they are looped and manipulated in unexpected ways. The output goes into a kaoss pad mini for FX.


I thought it’d be a fun challenge to create a chill little jam using just a Volca Kick (but without any kick sounds) and some simple effects.

Not sure what genre you’d classify this as, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


I went super analog for my next Jamuary. I’ve been practicing for a little while… I just jam in key. It’s all flow.


testing out overbridge beta so this is all live tracked from digitakt and moog mother into ableton with live control of ableton effects racks. no post mixing


:+1: Very nice!


Like them both a lot. Very nice!!