Jamuary 2019


Here’s another ambient piece I did.


The whole band jamming!
Analog Keys and Octatrack


One example of, well, 31 in all. You can check them all out at:



damn 1 minute instagram videos. I had to rush :slightly_smiling_face: will record a full video for it, I like the groove :slight_smile:


Heh, it was torture a few years ago when they were limited to 15 seconds!


haha. i know. still too short sometimes


Just kicking it a little in the studio.



That was enjoyable. No one rocks the Volca FM quite like you.


Another quick track here. Just the Digitone and Machinedrum UW working on this one. Going for a lo-fi, static type, upbeat feel. Enjoy!


Hi! I Recently finished this track. 80’s inspired Bobby O meet soft EBM. I used Machinedrum and Digitakt for all the drums/percussion. Enjoy :slight_smile: https://soundcloud.com/psyrrox/dance-with-kemal


This is a very quick jam in the park, all done in a few minutes. We didn’t want to skip the daily recording!
The Deluge is very portable and it works on batteries. You can take it with you to quickly record a jam in a little break or in the bus while going home.


Ep.14 Deluge slices and live drums.

We sampled and sliced our own Ep.01 in little chunks. Then we reordered them to create a new groove. Live drums joined to the party!


#Jamuary2019 OP1 lofi beat mixtape, sorry for the cross post, forgot about this Jamuary thread


My jamming is shit and there’s no way I could come up with some of the awesome stuff on here but this thread has massively inspired me to get playing.
In the space of a week I’ve gone from looking at my Digitone blankly to having about 20 minutes worth of a live set put together on it.
It’s not very good and I’ll never play it anywhere public, but I’ve really enjoyed myself and I’m learning a lot about the Digitone and how to manage transitions with a very minimal setup.
Hoping to have about 45 minutes worth by the end of the month. Even if it’s shit it’s still an achievement, and all because I watched a few jamming videos…
Keep it up, if only for my enjoyment.



(i’m still 17 for 17, check out my other ones while you’re there)


I have to say it’s being very hard to record everyday (we have skiped 3 days by now). But it’s very rewarding. Sometimes the videos you put more work or think are top, are not the best received videos by the public. And other times you are a little ashamed to upload something that is not good enough and you receive a lot of good comments…
Another obeservation is that this is the first time I am not obssesed looking at the Namm (news at all.


First time Jamuarying. :smiley: This is pretty raw and needs mixing, re-staging of gain (noisefloor is off the charts) but it was fun, and appropriately was just some live jamming. Also the percussion needed to be brought out more… TB-3, TR-8, Digitone, TC Flashback X4.


Analog Keys plays the melody. Octatrack for background samples. Fender Jazz Bass. Drums + Roland TD6


7th track submission for #Jamuary. The lead line is a little louder than I wanted and couldn’t really re-adjust after tracking. It’s Jamuary though, so you have to commit. Also tossed in a bridge for some more variation. Enjoy!