Jamuary 2019

Second one is playing with the whole band:


I’ve got back into synths after about 10 years, used to play with Electribe & 404, discovering Elektron gear I simply couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


Fourth jam done :slight_smile:

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Third jam:


Whoa! I didn’t know/forgot about that glitch effect!

That was a cool little morsel!


This effect it’s called Stutter in the Deluge. You can turn the knob too, to modify the duration of the repetitions. Very fun!!

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4th jam up! Thanks to all that have taken the time to listen so far. It’s been such a breeze and so much fun to dig deep and isolate my Digitakt. I usually use it as my drum machine in my larger setup so it feels like an accomplishment getting these sounds out of it alone.

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4 for 4 so far

all using the a4mkii (plus more) so far


Album Release :ghost:

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First 3 patterns for 2019 from the Rytm recorded before I went travelling, thrown together on my laptop with some video tonight.

100% Rytm, no added sugar, all natural samples.

P.s. I love the Rytm’s distortion and compressor, but it sounds like they killed my mixer towards the end. Crackles will have to stay until I get back, sorry.


Fifth jam done :slight_smile:


Liking it! Don’t mind the crackles… not one bit! Adds character and another flavour :wink:

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Interesting. The start of something perhaps… having said that I wouldn’t mind listening to small changes and slight variations for the time it takes for a good cup of tea to brew.

(Disclaimer: a good cup of tea will take about 3-4 minutes to brew once the hot water has been added)


hey guys, I just recorded a couple songs straight from the octatrack, this is an excerpt of the session.
I’ve got the Octa a month ago and I’m still trying to understand how to make it sound as I want but I’m quite satisfied by this session, hope you like :space_invader:


Ep.04 is about Eurorack Modular:


It’s a lot of work to publish a video everyday. We try to keep it simple to be able to make the challenge till the end of January.

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An ambient piece… https://soundcloud.com/pkrynx/stoicism

Ahaa, so that is why there is so many #Jamuary posts on instagram, which I enjoy btw :smile: Nice, people! What are the rules?:))