Jamuary 2019


had a rainy day today, so it called for a slower pace with a bubbly mood :slight_smile: -


And can i join?


Hi all. Composer/performer up/over in Seattle. I was looking for some kind of extremely compact non-laptop, non-modular instrument to begin getting back into performing live again, and settled on buying an Octatrack a couple months ago. While I can do beats as well as the next guy, my main specialty is more in the contemporary classical/experimental side of music. The Octatrack was the one stand-alone box that I could picture using like this, with samples long enough – and infinitely modifiable enough – to subvert the beat-box mentality so prevalent right now. After the requisite (and of course ongoing) steep learning curve, I think I’ve gotten it to a happy place. As proof of concept, here’s a link toTest Run”, my first album made solely with the Octatrack. And by “solely” I mean that all tracks were recorded live in a single take, no edits, no extra effects or boxes, no keyboards, no post-processing other than some mastering EQ. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of musical terrain the album covers. The elements and parts for all these piece and more are currently sitting on my machine, meaning that I can now do any and all of these in a live concert setting, with nothing more than a single Octatrack on the stage! While each track’s elements mostly stay the same, each performance using them will be different and unique. It’s a pretty exciting and wonderful thing. Here’s to just the start of a beautiful thing.


Hi, @SteveL. Nice work. I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum from Western Washington (I’m in Spanaway).


Well hi & thanks. :slight_smile: I’d guess we’re not the only ones. A couple things to seek out: Seattle Music Machines Salon gets together the first Friday of each month at Ada’s Technical Books on 15th Ave. E. in Seattle. There’s often a presentation by an electronic musician, or showing some new gear etc. in a casual meetup environment. And Patchwerks on Eastlake Ave. under the I-5 bridge (where I bought my Octatrack) is a good place to follow for events, meets and workshops.



The first rule of Jamuary is: you have to jam
The second rule of Jamuary is: you have to jam
The third rule of Jamuary is a lot like music or any other art: take from that what you will!


How you go about sharing it is entirely up to you and your good self! :smile:


Did the “wee girl” make this beat? Sounds like a kid made it or maybe you helped with a collaboration? not bad for a 7 year old or younger.


Really excited to hear this :blush:

PS. You should open your own thread for this. :wink:


Less and less elektrons right now. Only the heat is left. Anyway. Enjoy.


Octatrack, Analog Keys, Synthstrom Deluge,…


I went against the clock to build a little track on the OP-Z and record it in 30min, so there’s plenty of arrangement errors and some aimless b/s’ing around with the FX, but my plan is to put more of my stuff online this year, however bad it may be. So here goes


Sixth jam:


After a convincing two day streak to start january, I didn’t jam until yesterday… Here is day 6:


I came up with this trick on the AR


Number 2


Very happy with day 6, did I think some very cool stuff musically


Ep.06 is piano solo:


That is excellent! Thank you for sharing!


our first jam of the year


Ep.07 Star Bass

Gear used: Fender Jazz Bass, Teenage Engineering PO-12, Boss DD-3, Boss CH-1, EBS Multicomp