It's a conspiracy, the track challenge 👽


Fantastic @UYoYU! That is a crazy turn around time. :+1:

These tracks will all make for a perfectly cogent release.




the track contains confidential materials and can disappear any minute now :waning_crescent_moon: :earth_africa: :artificial_satellite:


That synth line is very evocative of Leonard Nimoy and his show In Seach Of. I was fascinated by that show as a child. Excellent!



Hopefully a better mix, also arrangement is different, as I do it all ‘live’. Elektron gear used Octatrack


Happy 808 day!


OK everyone, we’re at just short of 3 hours until our encounter.

How are you all feeling?


3 hours to project deadline. I got this.

Feels like college all over again.

This is what I trained for


Yup. You got this.


Sleepy, it’s nighttime here…


Transmission received.

This track was written on the Octatrack. I used segments from the sample material I provided, plus some dialog from pilots discussing a UFO sighting. All other samples were TR808 and TR707 one hits. I ran a direct out from the OT into an Edirol R-09 and played the patterns live.


Here is my entry.

Used A4 for Kick and a synth sample and Analog Heat for some general dirt.
Additional tones from a Novation Circuit (the acid-like bass riff, and the snare, hat, and snik samples)
Assembled with Ableton Live Suite 10.

Sample from the final battle segment of “Ender’s Game”


stuck uploading on soundcloud… blaring loudly over here hoping it’ll be heard in time


Ableton Live 10
Xone DB4 for the interface
Rytm on the drums. AR808 kit
Minitaur bass line played via Push 2.
Samples recorded into fieldscaper app in iPad with Apogee MiC and played into Ableton
Lyra-8 sampled via Xone->Ableton
Electronic backgrounds a la Electrosluch mini, recording all the devices around me.

It’s still quite a mess but that’s where I got after 3 hours.


Nice work sigint and PlumWrinkles.

Keep them coming, folks, no matter if you’re a bit late. Let’s see what you came up with. :wink:


Cool. Really like the little SFX in the beat on this one! (and edited to note the later mix is better, too :slight_smile: )


Love this track! It has a real Kraftwerk vibe to it! :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon and Dr. B.


@UYoYU @sigint @PlumWrinkles @t3h @finalform @waftlord Should I set up a bandcamp page for our tracks?

Thank you all for contributing. I loved the tracks you did.

We had a bunch of folks that expressed interest in completing a track and I’d like to encourage you to do so even if you didn’t make the deadline.

So who’s going to set up the next challenge?


Hmm, yeah, I personally don’t mind my track being included in an album on Bandcamp but I don’t know about the legality of all the various samples used. Could be a bit awkward. Especially if you were going to charge. What were you thinking, free download only, pay what you want, minimum charge?


i’ll definitely be there for the next one… and i’ll give myself more time! I had so many ideas in those 3 hours it was impossible to get them all together. I had for some reason not read this thread at all until yesterday and then it was really cool to buckle down and work with a fevered inspiration.

i’m down for the soundcloud page share