It's a conspiracy, the track challenge 👽


Just listening through the source now, sampling whatever pops out to me straight to the digitakt. So much character, I’m really stoked to see what people come up with for this one.


Awesome, sounds like fun! I’ll try and knock something out later this week!


Give me a thumbs up if you think I should remove the Elektron gear requirement from the guidelines.


I mean this is the elektron forum so I’d assume that’s not too big of an issue for most people here. That said the more the merrier so maybe more of a suggestion then a restriction?


Could we have the option to replace the sci-fi quote with Alex Jones?


Haha. I am pretty sure you won’t struggle to find a passage of him talking about UFOs and paranoia, etc.

(24bit wav, anyone know a good way to make a gdrive audio link player embedded?)

eyegravy extraction events from years past have resulted in garbled reconstructions of previous visitations. we hope this future 8/08/18 contact can repair past misprobings fuelling a new era of shared resources through gravy trade relations and augmented discotheques.



Nice work. Some great sound design there. :alien:


Nice! Great job waftlord.

I’m loving the rhythmic variation in your track. :star_struck:


We’re on the 7 day countdown and I’m looking forward to hearing more.


Man, I’m kicking myself for not listening to this sooner- this is excellent.!


cheers fellow humans


I started my track, got sidetracked but I might finish it off this evening.


It got a bit silly but it was fun to make. Sorry it’s far too long.

Gear used:

  • Monomachine doing the sequencing, synth parts, SFX
  • TR-8S doing the drums, through an Aira Torcido (except the kick)
  • SE-02 on bass
  • Roland D-05 doing the pad
  • Roland MX-1 to multitrack it live into Logic where I did the mixing & FX, and added the samples (I considered using the OT for the samples but it would have taken too long)

Link to lossless AIFF


I loved the track, @finalform! That’s great how you used Arecibo as your profile pic too. :+1:



Just reading this now, might give it a go…t-minus 45 hours…blip


I’ve got one in the hopper as well. posting now to force myself to work on it more as the countdown ticks down…


Thanks! The image is a screengrab from the video I took the samples from. :alien: :thup:


Ok, gave myself the goal to finnish it in one day…


Decided to do another version tomorrow, as the mix is horrible…