It's a conspiracy, the track challenge 👽


Not sure about the legality of the used samples.
I used almost 1 minute of a movie with a 3,7 IMDB rating, if that matters at all.
“Journey to the Center of Time” from 1967.


Good call regarding the sample clearance. I believe the Conet stuff is public domain but the others are certainly not.


If the tunes are free clearing samples shouldn’t be an issue. Uncleared samples are the lifeblood of many a mixtape.


i nominate @finalform for the next challenge, just cos i thought his track was slick as.
enjoyed all the others and how different they were.

@konputa what were the aliens conclusions during their visit?

in terms of a comp maybe just bang all the music links together in one final post here, close the thread and start a new mission.


It’s fine by me.


Hey, thanks. :okej:

I’m sure I can come up with an idea for a track challenge… I’ll have a think…


i missed the challenge :no_mouth: , i was moving back to my old and loved hometown

hopefully something new is on the verge


I’ve been stacked recently, sorry, I promise I’ll set a new challenge soon.