It's a conspiracy, the track challenge 👽

Many of you will have heard of numbers stations. For decades, these stations have stoked the curiosity of conspiracy theorists and espionage buffs around the globe.

What you may not know is that extraterrestrial listeners have followed the short wave bursts of sound to our mostly barren locale in space. These extraterrestrials have been perplexed by these looped recordings as they don’t sound particularly groovy and they certainly don’t move any booties. Regardless, they’re planning to break the intergalactic ice with us by gently massaging these sacred recordings with some heavy old school electro 808 vibes.

The aliens are currently inbound and will arrive by August 8th, otherwise known as 808 day to Earthicans. Your job, intelligence officer, is to prepare a track to compliment theirs as a way of acknowledging that we appreciate and respect their wise and sophisticated starry ways. Remember the Arp 2500 solo scene in Close Encounters? Of course you do. You need to prepare something like that but with a shit load more bass and maybe some swing if it’s your thing.

Guidelines for successfully communicating with our extraterrestrial visitors -

  • You must use some sample material from the following video:

  • You must also use dialog/monolog sample material from any sci fi or space themed movie, show, lecture or documentary of your choosing.

  • A track length of 3-5 minutes would be ideal.

  • Your track must have some booty rocking bass and your mix should reflect that of old school electro. You must have dynamic range, avoid an over compressed mix as it angers our intergalactic visitors.

  • You must use at least 1 Elektron device in your production and prepare to briefly discuss your approach to the production.

  • Deadline: 808 day. August 8th, 2018, 11:59 PM ET.

I may put together an internet release if enough interest exists. I will provide the track prepared by our alien visitors. Short wave internet can be slow so it’ll be a week or so before I can finish the download and post it here.



An hour of AM radio quality gibberish, sounds like fun! Hopefully I’ll find some time to squeeze this in between my other 1,578,215,782 projects.

What an opportunity to let our visitors know that we are bat shit crazy!


i absolutely love the “source” material for this challenge.


@konputa now, that’s how you present a track challenge!

I also love the source material- I might listen to this while I study.

I’ll celebrate this challenge separately- as I’m chasing the experimental sound waves.

Great challenge- this’ll be great! :slight_smile:

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Loved the story, I think I’ll try!


I am super interested!! Will give this a try


Im sitting in a cabin in the northern Finland making versions of “Numbers” based on the video with my portable digitakt.


Love the source material! Got my OT out this morning and sampled a few bits. Now I have a nice folder of ‘Numbers’ in my octatrack.

Nice idea for the challenge, I wont be taking part myself (not my cup of tea) but keen to hear what people come up with.

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This is great idea. I am expecting many interesting tracks :slight_smile:

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Nice brief. :cool: I love electro and I’ve had that Conet Project stuff earmarked as sample food for ages so I’m definitely in.

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i hope i can aid in the appeasement of our intergalactic visitors.

for anyone who’s discovering the conet project now check out another 3 hours of unbreakable codes here
and mp3


Very cool brief. Totally coincidentally, I made a track based on numbers station samples a few months back. I love numbers stations, so enigmatic and mysterious!

Note that this is not my entry as it doesn’t contain the required sci-fi angle! I don’t really like revisiting stuff after it’s “done”, so maybe to enter this one I think I’d need to take a totally different angle. hmm, will have a think!

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Are we talking along the lines of Miami Bass style electro, all breaky, and full of 808 cowbells?

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Great question. Electro has morphed quite a lot over the years and depending on who you ask, some will describe it as Detroit proto-techno, bboy, Miami bass or lots of great hybrid forms from the UK, etc.

For the purposes of this challenge, I’m told our intergalactic visitors appreciate 2 Live Crew just as much as they do Cybotron or Tipper.


Thanks, wanted to clarify because electro means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

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I’m starting to have some fun with these samples.


I can’t participate because I do not own an elektron machine anymore…but thanks for the samples source and the idea :grin:


I’d still like to hear what you come up with. :smiley:

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the challenge sounds good, but what is

do you have any examples?

EDIT: i read it - detroid-proto

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Im definetly will tune in.
I think about some Kind of Launch, spacey Deepdub Techno. [quote=“konputa, post:1, topic:59833, full:true”] for get them Aliens straight into human Technology, so they could chill while upgrading their addons.

Overall i appreciate for your Post and Hope to get much more work down like this.

Stay tuned

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