Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?



I quite literally have the t shirt :slightly_smiling_face:


This blew my mind back in the mid-1990s when someone played this tape for me. Who would have thought to merge Rush with hip hop?


I went to a record diggers meetup here in Tokyo a few years back where people just play some of their tunes, and a dude through this 7” from Colm K out of Ireland on at like 2am. Once again I would have never thought to sample Steve Miller Band.

The YouTube link is a bit wonky. Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn’t. Dope tune though:


Damn it, this thread keeps dragging me back in!

The bass playing itself on this Madvillain track is not Geddy Lee, but the bassline is straight up “Tom Sawyer”.
“what you say about his company - is what you say about society…”

also samples Zappa & the Mothers…


One of my best friends is one of the founders of All City Records in Dublin. I highly recommend checking out the All City label as they still put out a lot of dope more experimental tunes on their label:


I lived in the East Village in NYC in the mid-1990s and Spooky was playing a set somewhere nearly every week it seemed. I haven’t thought about him in a long time but the name takes me back.



Good stuff on here.

Has Medhane been mentioned? Anything connected with sLUm crew and Standing On a Corner.

Current Autechre is hiphop.

#modbap has some nice showings on IG.


What a nice thread! I’ll be sure to drop some personal faves of mine later!

Trying to merge my passion for boom bap and for idm is my long term project.


Love dabrye. He gave a talk here once and discussed his production techniques with old amiga trackers. Great producer


On the experimental tip about a decade a go:


Love it!
Jukebox T-Shirt!
Might have to try get one of those!


It kills me that Bedroom Productions from the same era/place don’t have any presence on youtube. I have to drag out that vinyl and do it myself one day:



Both are awesome artists:)
DJ Krush is an amazing producer… but only in the past 5-10 years has also become a great DJ. I have been following him since the 90s and have been fortunate to see him 3times… the last being the best about 8years ago.


Slightly off topic but this is the most 90s-sounding New York rap tune I’ve come across since back in the days. The shots of NYC really take me back to that era as well.


yes shabazz palaces !!

and there’s a lot of good things from BRAINFEEDER , from soul to techno and vice versa, always with the same requirement

it gives a good idea of ​​the variety on this label, even if I’m not necessarily a fan of everything, the whole is really nice


IDM vs UK Hip Hop :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:


One of the greatest tracks of all time.


and this album, much finer than it seems