Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?


Just wondering what is out there besides the “money, ho’s, Bentleys” stuff that dominates popular hip hop.


Def jux is a good label to check out. Also have a listen to prefuse 73 and stuff on lex records


low-end-theory (flying lotus, daedulus, gaslamp-killer, etc. etc.)

brainfeeder records

alpha pup records

stones throw records

hyperdub records

ninja tune records

//edit: one could consider “trip-hop” as the idm-evolution of hip-hop. and especially autechre have often referred to hip-hop as one of their main sources of inspiration for song-structures


My late 90’s early 00’s listening would be mostly Mo Wax, Ninjatune, Wall of Sound - typical trip hop labels from back when not really familiar with today’s purveyors of the down tempo




Madvillainy record for the win, and most of the instrumentals by Madlib. And non-instrumentals too, like Quasimoto. And the other half of Madvillain, MF Doom, has some things up there with Autechre’s time warping “Fold4, Wrap5” in “Tick, Tick”.

And the Czechs give us groups like Kyklos Galaktikos who are just awesome.





aaaand this!


Dälek, Techno Animal, Fever and some of Alec Empire or Justin Broadrick’s various guises for starters.


This YouTube comment from that video killed me:

“Lol rounded up every black man in Scotland for this video”





dunno if “IDM” inspired but out on Warp and great to play at life defining house parties/moments.


and this whole album is ridiculously fresh


Dose One. Also Prefuse 73 is great!


Not sure what you are looking for exactly but the closest thing I can think of is Flylo (Brainfeeder stuff) or guys like Daedalus in some of his stuff.

This Documentary might be something you want to check out if you dig Flylo.


pretty much where I am at.



Not typical Funckarma, but dope nonetheless.


This is a good list to stick to for that sound.