Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?


Not sure what is meant by IDM, but here is some of what I like these days (those with a YouTube vid)


The DT is perfect for more experimental hip hop. Hopefully Elektron will be a part of a new era of experimental hip hop.

(Shamelessly leaves link to own SoundCloud page)



That Rakim tiny desk vid is legit. The man is 51 and still kills it.


Haha! Great stuff DImTom!
Was thinking of being that cheeky myself
seeing as you have open floodgates!..

Is electronik Blip-Hop! all Digitakt all the time!




Your stuff definitely has that IDM vibe. Cool stuff!


This band’s beats are not normally like this, but this track always struck me as if Boards of Canada made it and gave it to them to rap on.


Oh damn and this artist is pretty much nail on the head for me:


I’m glad someone else posted this too. It directly answers the original thread question in my opinion.


I’ve always like the chops on this one:


Waaaaaaay ahead of its time, makes it timeless.




Lovely stuff


Cheers man. I really appreciate it. I hope to find time to do a full beat tape this year.


I’ll definitely check it. Hope to do the same myself and finish a load of beats I’ve started


Agreed he makes House, Techno and Drum & Bass under other monikers too, Dilla & Waajeed were making beats in the week and going to Detroit Techno parties at the weekend and the two crossed over in their productions


Funnily I’d been buying his techno releases and his hop hop stuff for years before I found out they were the same person. Such variety in his productions


as you say very talented, I still think the Dabrye stuff is his best you could pick loads more tracks for this thread, especially the instrumental tracks


I don’t know if someone mention him, but Lapalux not bad on slow complex beats. His album Nostalchic it’s a good example.


Always have love the squarepusher remix of this!