Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?


Danny breaks worth checking


The first Underachievers album “Indigoism”
The first Antipop Consortium (mentioned) album “Tragic Epilogue”
Anticon (as others have stated) - various (there’s a lot of good stuff)
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein (Def Jux, as others have stated)
Edo G / Pete Rock - My Own Worst Enemy


Goldmine thread.


Dave Tipper is a true legend and a very humble and talented dude.

I got to meet his parents after one gig - super nice family.


Cool! Hands down my fav producer.
Had some of the best nights of my life listening to his music under the influence of some really good psychedelics :+1: Proper mind blowing.


absolutely. 99%!

They sampled Horace Silver way before US3.



Give Dave a shout - he’s always super happy to talk with fans.
He is a very happy human being - especially since his medical difficulties.


Here is a mix of downtempo wobbly hiphop sorta stuff that I made last week:


From the Swedish Hip-Hop label, “A P.M.S. Plan”

Gravity was part of the group, 3:Ess.

Which is a group the “Artist Previously Known As Simon” can surely get behind!

“Ess” - :wink:



A couple of my favorites:

King Vision Ultra

Pyramid Vritra



I’ve always considered turntablism and scratch-based music to be the more experimental, underappreciated side of hip-hop.


Funny cuz its actually how it all started.


Tierra Whack is currently my favorite rapper and her music (and videos!!) is definitely out there

Her debut album Whack World is comprised of fifteen 1 minute long songs and she released accompanying visuals for each track. If you have 15 minutes to spare today check out the album. You won’t be disappointed.

edit: I guess the music isn’t very similar to IDM, but I would say her whole aesthetic tends somewhat towards experimental (Mumbo Jumbo!).
Oh and he’s probably been mentioned already but JPEGMafia is the shit


This is fantastic.
Thank you.



Man, this thread has got me down the youtube rabbit hole.



DJ Spooky caught a fair amount of heat in the 90’s for being too experimental.

Ok, I am out for a while. I have to feed the kids.
Thanks everyone for a great thread.



Love the Run Wrake video for this.
He also have made the video for “We Have Explosive” by FSOL
plus many other great things.
Unfortunatly have died young.
But you should check out his work