Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?



Braintax is an interesting English twist:

Here’s a nice video of him making a beat:



Little surprised no one has mentioned DJ Shadow - endtroducing yet

Or is that a bit too on point…

I’d through Gonjasufi out there too


Appropriate artist for this forum:


One of the first drum & bass hip hop albums I came across back in the 90s and still one of the best IMO. Did this one ever make it to the U.K. and Europe back then?

Lots of Wu, Gangstarr, Redman, KRS samples, etc throughout this.


Here’s an underground joint from Breakbeat Science that I came across in 1997 when I was living in NYC. I love this RZA vocal sample.




Earl sweatshirt
Cities aviv
Shabazz palaces
Jeremiah Jae
There’s more and more but yea


Totally, especially the Marijuana Deathsquads remix of P.O.S.


Must one of the best PA I’ve attended…

But in the same league as DJ Shadiw, I’d choose DJ Krush


DJ Shadow
Amon Tobin
Great Dane
Ivy Lab
Flying Lotus




I quite like an Austrian artist called Philanthrope. found it among chillhop playlists on Spotify. Generally instrumental beats.



Meat Beat Manifesto (early)
Death Grips
Clams Casino (instrumental)


Shadow Huntaz (collab between left-field US hiphop trio and Dutch Funckarma):

Push button objects:


This thread is great. I tip my hat


Tippers slower stuff is worth checking