Is there a hip-hop equivalent of IDM/experimental?


Frank Heiss: rest in peace



Other things to check out in this vein…

Anti pop consortium and Beans solo stuff.


The early anticon stuff especially THEM, Deep Puddle Dynamics, Why¿, Oddnosdam.

Also turntablism would fit into this for me especially, scetchbook, NozL and the amazing Phantasmagoria by D Styles.


How I love that KnD mix of Bug Powder Dust. The bomb


Lofi chilled beats for study (or whatever it is) is kinda cool


I wouldnt consider Lofi beats as IDM or experimental though. Lofi hiphop is pretty basic and easy to listen to, not a lot of crazy things happening in those beats.



Sure. My angle was more the ‘its not hoes and money’!


Yeah that channel is a lot of basic stuff, easy listening and enjoyable but I wouldn’t say all lofi is necessarily simple. Wish I had examples to give but lofi could technically be anything structurally. I’d like to hear some more complicated lofi. I think the easy listening simplicity and the accessibility of it as a genre draws a simpler crowd (find some decent piano samples and bang some drums on it types). Nothing wrong with that but I’d like to hear lofi hip hop done by more traditional musicians


That shabazz track is an absolute gem


yeah ive heard crazy stuff that would fit in the “lofi hiphop” box but the beats most people know as Lofi hip hop (anime covers, beats to study, jazz samples…etc) is very simple in how its made. I love it though, nothing wrong with simple stuff if it sounds good.

For crazy stuff that I would fit in the Lofi hiphop box id say check out Devonwho, Robert Araujo and Kiefer.

Edit: Also Knxwledge


Videos sick, I love that morphing animation stuff, always wanted to learn animation, this type of stuff


I love this thread, so many cool discoveries.


The best example i can find doing something close to IDM/experminetal live on a SP404


Nice I’ll check it. I always thought there’d be more experimental hip hop heads in here, elektrons don’t see much use in hip hop other than that digitakt thread by the looks of it, I love my OT for it. Get real weird with it. This threads a gem

Edit: seen that khryo set, made me want a 404! I think samiyam rocks one aswell and I love his shit. Kinda want one as external fx for OT


yeah not as much hiphop seen on Elektron. Jonwayne uses an OT though, he had a twitch channel where he would make beats live and go through the whole process. Still uses it and upgraded to a Mk2, he also mentioned once he would like to be an Elektron artist.




holy shit, totally forgot that group!
BRILLIANT music-videos-directors and designers also :slight_smile:


uh yeah it’s called Trip Hop