iPad Music Apps?




maybe not so much what you need, but for a bit of ambient I really love this app: Bowls HD


Since i have this model:samples in my living room, i am looking for iPhone/iPad apps to combine.
Yesterday i starter playing with synth one
It is great, not only a little bit, it is amazing (and crazy unough it is for free)


I bought the Fabfilter Reverb on iOS and own it also as VST/AU plugin. It‘s hard to compare the versions because my studio setup and my iOS setup are so different, but I can confirm that the iOS version sounds fantastic!


Dammit. :laughing:


Having fabfilter-R as an AU sounds appealing, even though I already bought the IAP version of it for Auria. Is the AU version heavy on the CPU?


Yeah, I really like it so far! Some apps seem to have drawing/redrawing issues, but I’m sure this will be sorted in time. Like firefox, its been behaving a bit weird under iPadOS. But safari works great in the meantime, guess I’ll switch back to firefox once they rollout iOS 13 compatibility.


Just discovered SECTOR by Kymatica. Oh man, it’s great.


nice find dude, let me check that soon. I feel like creating a gdocs sheet for this thread. loooooooots of dope apps been shared so far and just felt a bit bad they’re not getting any recognition.


An oldie but goodie. Anything that developer touches is gold. It’s by the same guy that made AUM.


AUM is crazy good indeed.


Hey all, I’ve created this sheet but I admit I’m not good at sheets. I was gonna scrape appstore links but noticed that most of the apps were shared just by text. Which is not possible to scrape and needs to be added manually.

I’ve moved to 40th post but already took a good amount of my time. So I decided to share it publicly. Let’s collabrate and create the best ios music content sheet ever!

Feel free to edit and style the sheet if you’re already pro on excel :stuck_out_tongue: also I don’t mind transfering the ownership as well. I just want a good resource can refer time to time. I’m going too add the content manually time to time. Won’t be able to finish all at once.

edit: instead of gsheets should we use airtable?


There are many great apps but I do find selecting , finding and filtering them in aum a pain.

I’d like to tag filters with type (reverb , delay etc) . Once there’s a lot installed , along with some cryptic plug-in names , I tend to stick with plugins I know the name of .

A big long list , split via iaa/ audio bus etc , is becoming annoying.


Factory and iMusicAlbum apps (fieldscaper etc) on sale.


That reminds me, SugarBytes also has a sale.

Factory is free, but the IAP is currently about $10 in the US. Normally, it costs double that - according to rumors. IAPs for some of their other “free” apps are similarly discounted.


Mutable ported for F R E E

Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle by Thomas Burns


Thanks for the heads up that it finally got released!




AUM and Audiobus don’t seem to find them after instal… (iPhone)


Xequence 2 released, intro price of $10