iPad Music Apps?


Doesn’t show for me either. Does show on iPad. Will look for the thread on Audiobus forum and try to get the dev’s attention.


You need to update your iOS, this fixed it for me


Same here, they showed up only after the update


the iPhone is on IOS 12.3.1, which it thinks is the latest IOS


User error on my part.

I forgot that I turned off auto-download/auto-install of apps on my iPhone whenever I buy and download an app on my iPad.


Glad I bought the upgrade, I’m now saving my patches and studying the presets, this is one deep synth, great architecture.


These ports are utterly fantastic. And with the UI and integrated modulation so much more accessible than the hardware.


how cool is that


man this made my day. cliche Rings into clouds patches on my iphone, lol.


I’m at a quandary as to which I should study first - how to use these newly ported Mutable Instrument apps, or how to use Factory.

So much goodness in IOS land.


first play. rings into clouds. clouds in looping delay mode :heart_eyes:



Resonator == Rings?

Or is it Modal?


Rings is Resonator.
Elements is Modal


There really must be some magic sauce in these Mutable codes cause they are engrossing unlike Factory which I bought pretty much simultaneously. Not saying Factory is bad - far from it - just making an observation.

There really is.


Love these Mutable Ports, made this this morning with Braids/Clouds


very cool


These tools are super inspiring. We live in amazing times for creativity.


wow, this is great, really hypnotic.
care to comment on the process?


All of this was hosted in AUM. I laid a drone out with Spectrum the morph parameter was being modulated by an LFO, Granulator (Clouds) froze a bit of that. The modulation on that was an LFO on the Position and then throughout the piece I’m playing with the Density and Size Parameters. These are fed a bit into EOS Reverb and Re-1 Tape delay on separate busses. The video is a quality photo of some buildings manipulated in LumaFusion.


That is golden!!! Thanks for the tip-off :muscle:t3: