iPad Music Apps?


I use the rozetta app for many things , including lfo , xox and bass line sequencing.

It has 3x lfo that can be tempo syncd, various waveforms etc.


No worries, had me excited :smile:




…also check out Mozaic by the same developer, Bram Bos. It’s early days for this app but it could really go places with support of the online community.




Almost all FabFilter effects now available on iOS.



I liked reamp good on drums


How do they stack up to the desktop versions, are they the same?


There is also a Mozaic FB group that is fairly active.


I haven’t compared as I don’t own any for iOS except in Auria and I’ve never bothered to do a side by side.

I assume they are the same because why would FabFilter spend the time and effort to code two separate versions? But, as I said, I can’t confirm for sure.

Someone on the Audiobus forum might do a comparison. Here’s the thread: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/33422/new-fabfilter-apps


Does someone know any DJ App (like traktor) for IOS , with external midi clock sync (through an audio interface , not ableton link)? Id’ like to use it with my digitakt


I’ll check it out, cheers. I just thought it might be different cause iPads tend to have less juice than computers, hopefully they’re the same. I quite enjoy the desktop versions


Please post your results, although I’ll probably end up getting the reverb and the EQ, regardless.

At some point.

Especially since it looks like I might be trying to avoid pedal GAS by using AUM and the ridiculous number of AU FX I own. :smile:


The most fully featured iOS DJing app I know is DJ Player Pro. It has support for NI stem audio files and is pretty deep, might also have MIDI sync?


EDIT: yes, supports both link and MIDI clock sync


thanks .
Damn it’s perfect but i don’t like the subscription thing :disappointed_relieved:


IIRC they also allow a one-time payment. But the dev said he must use a subscription-based business model or he goes bankrupt, too little sales he says…


Just installed the new iPadOS public beta that dropped yesterday. Haven’t encountered any bugs so far, but I’m only one hour in so YMMV

Man, using safari feels so classy now! I have grown used to iOS browsers, having native desktop web pages feels great again. the pencil comes handy for dealing with UIs built around desktop mousing, feels decent enough…

Plus, the feeling of buying a bandcamp album, downloading it and then dumping it onto a USB / microSD card without a hitch - Wanted this on the iPad for so long! Even zipped archives unzip straight in the files app just by tapping the zip archive. I can retire my Kingston mobilelite wireless :diddly:

iPadOS is FINALLY giving me what I’ve missed from not having a laptop at home. Things can only get better from here :wink:


Wonder what sidecar is like with DAWs such as Bitwig. I tried bitwig with Duet display (wired) but the latency is not responsive enough to make it fun to use.


Your experience sounds very positive so far, thanks for the update.
iPadOS does appear to deliver what iPad users have been waiting/asking for.


cant remember if it can do what you want but check out the criminally underrated Soda DJ App


Having a lot of fun with http://warmplace.ru/soft/ans/ recently.

The new version has turned it from a fun curiosity into a great tool.