iPad Music Apps?


So what is the general consensus: what is everyones favorite piano roll app? I just want to take down quickly a bass line I have in my head.

(Why not learn to write sheet music you ask. I would answer you ask a good question.)


After radio silence for a year the main developer of beatmaker 3 just appeared and said on their forums he’s no longer working with intua on it. The last update broke some stuff and vital features promised over a year ago never surfaced. App may be dead in the water, bad news


Synthesia ?


Xequence? Atom if you’re looking for MIDI AU in AUM?


I like Gadget. I should note though that it was originally a self-contained app that didn’t play well with others. Nowadays it has MIDI in and out, but still doesn’t play nice with AUv3.


I would need AUv3.

Looks like Atom is the way to go.


In theory I should be using AUM and AU plugins more often to keep up with other IOS musos but I always seem to work faster with the integrated sequencer-synth-sampler apps like Gadget and Sunvox.

Last standalone MIDI sequencer I tried was Xequence - was just baffled by the UI.


Steinberg Cubasis is my go to app for proper linear sequencing on the iPad. Great piano roll editing and inner app recording can be easily set up. (MIDI track to Arturia Sem and an audio track recording the output of the Sem for example.)

It’s a no bullshit audio and midi sequencer, not that many on the iPad imho.


Bought cubasis few days ago and I really like it so far. Bit raging I’d bought other daws and ignored it as it’s the one that suits me best. I’ve instantly clicked with it.

Was watching these posts to see if there’s a piano roll app that’s worth using in cubasis but think I’ll stick with the stock one


I like Caustic.
It’s simple - a Rebirth like app. pc version is free.
maybe some will lough, but yeah, it’s great for short doodles.


Klevgrand has a sale on. Anyone report on their REAMP?


interested too


Finally bought AUM & Atom this week and enjoying both thoroughly but still needing a way to automate midi cc via drawn in automation, LFOs etc.
Anyone know of a way to generate that sort of thing?


EDITed for bad info.

Ribn is 8 custom LFOs.

I don’t know of any cc automation.


Look at Bram Bos Lfo of the Rozeta Suite and his perforator plugin


@xidnpnlss + @Unifono,
Thanks for the tips.

I’m thinking I might actually be better off with Cubasis or similar re making complex automations…

What do you guys think the advantages are of AUM+Atom over a min DAW?


I personally just don’t like grids.

I cant say anything about the features cubasis offers.


cubasis is very good.
Just like the jamming like worfklow of aum. It‘s fun. But I use both.
I also really like garage band. totally underrated :slightly_smiling_face:


MidiLFOs is pretty great: http://artkerns.com/midilfos.html

I’ve never heard/seen anything about this, and can’t find anything in AUM – any tips?


I was wrong.

There is for the vst a single cc accessible on the channel strip but no LFOs.

I think I conflated it with apeMatrix (which has loads of modulation options).

Sorry. Edited.