iPad Music Apps?


Factory is amazing, the sound possibilities are endless. Being using it for few hours and the sounds coming from it are honestly impressive


Factory eh? ok lets try it


They’ve a Free version to try


Yes now having some fun with Photon - recording note and cc out from the audio side of Octatrack - infinite retrigs (up to a pretty fast speed) tweaking filter and of course recording the crossfader. Then being able to play back overlapping sequences from the pads. Nice


Anyone find a decent work around for AUM lack of external transport control?

I’d like to be able to start stop with Octatrack transport, tried midi control within AUM but doesn’t work out.

I am syncing it awesome using midi link.



Apologies, look like this was addressed above. Oh well AUM is still slick and I can make it work.


Yeah this is super annoying. I want to use AUM as a effects/mixer, and for it to have my digitakt sequence ipad apps. It almost works, but lack of external midi sync and transport stops it being 100% locked in. I’m mailing the developers about it, we’ll see if they do anything. They seem to be reluctant to rely on external midi for anything and expect IAA and Link to do all the syncing work.

For the moment I’m sequencing and triggering apps like elastic drum and zeeon sort-of directly from digi through AUM without using the AUM transport, works just fine. But it does mean I can’t use synced effects like loopers or fuege etc.


Running aum trough audiobus and let audiobus be the master clock works pretty well

Iam building a loopy templaye to be able to boince recorded loops iam using audiobus as master for dt and link on all internal ios apps, setting bugger low 128-256 works like a charm, remeber heavy cpu load affecta clock acciracy though. Oam running everything on my iphone 8 works good


Link to this?


Just stick Factory and Sugar Bytes into the App Store search bar. It should just pop up.


Holy shit this actually worked. I am a bit skeptical about how solid this will be tho, with things nested in other things. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Depends how heavy synths you are using, iam running aum prettu heavy with 12 channels mixbises a dozen aum filters and 3 auv3 synths ( synth master player, troublemaker, mood) and loopy on an iphone 8 no problems



factory - it seems fine , i’m not sure its my style though , i think i prefer zeeon / sunrizer type classic sounding synths .

recent purchases.
mozaic - could be very handy , bram bos does great plugins.
K7D - nice cassette style delay.
octachron - reasonable 8 track drum sequencer.


Tried it, worked a treat. Thanks much!


Thanks for this suggestion K7D has amazing presentation. Having trouble getting anything sounding usable. But that interface alone will motivate me to dig in and figure something out for it.


I actually liked Xythesizr, but had some Midi issues with it. Maybe this got better meanwhile, need to check it out again.

Here a recent reference on Xynthesizr & iPad apps by RMR:


Try to desactivate Link in xynthesizr.
Host xynthesizr in Audiobus3 > send it to AUM and voilà.
With Link you can’t use midi learn in xynthesizr ;(
Now i use AB3 to receive midi clock from my OT and its really stable. Before this I used the app MIdiLink sync and honestly I find the sync better in AB3>AUM
Nice update from Audiobus :ok_hand:


Anyone have any suggestions for a Digitone alternative in iOS? I’ve tried Phasemaker, which I did not like at all, and KQ Dixie, which is a bit more DX-series style. It’d be soooooo dope if Elektron ported the DN/DT to iOS.


Someone’s working on mutable instruments modules for iOS