iPad Music Apps?


Hahaha! You got me
Midi duties will all be from the digitakt, and the audiobus/aum role is mostly for routing audio between apps

  1. Audio routing between apps
  2. A nice sounding piano with high polyphony to practice with
  3. An app you find immensely playable. (Simple hopefully. Animoog-iPhone and model 15 are pretty intricate)

I’ll use these to give myself a break from the elektron paradigm, and generate DT food


Check out AudioKit Synth One if you haven’t already. Very cool, feature packed, free Open Source synth app for iOS (both iPad and iPhone)


  1. AUM should handle most, if not all, of this requirement. You would only need Audiobus if you fall in love with an app that cannot be loaded directly into AUM
  2. Not really a serious pianist myself, but here’s a poll from last year: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/29000/module-ivory-vs-ravenscroft-spec-for-spec-comparisson
  3. I like the really simple apps for this, but there’s too many of them to pick one. This is my latest acquired simple and fun app - ambient generator for DT/OT/whatever sample food. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cosm-music-for-your-mind/id1456263623?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2


Thank you!


I use MIDI Link sync app for this.


Pretty much the opposite of simple, but Sugar Byte’s modular app Factory is now on IOS. It’s also a very different flavor than Model 15, to say the least.


I’m rediscovering Xynthesizr, an app all but forgotten but still nice and usable. Cool video


It’s so good. I cancelled a microfreak synth preorder because I realized I need to just focus on my iPad and elektron boxes for awhile.


Love xynthesizr. I just wish it would receive midi program changes so i could integrate it into my setup properly.


I hear ya. A couple of years ago, my approach was to sample it playing one bar of the pattern, into Beatmaker 2. I then gave up after a while.

After relearning it some more, I plan to try recording its MIDI output into Atom Piano Roll or Photon AU, as well as recording its audio into AUM. Then later repurpose the audio in Octatrack or something, and the MIDI as well.


It kinda reminds me of NI Razor. Love the matrix but I’m kinda bummed that you can’t even save a preset on the basic version. Might buy the full one soonish


I hope to try Factory myself soon. I’m glad they made it free to try, because I’m not sold on the sounds yet, and I’d like to see how the UI responds to my touch.


The only app I’ve been tempted to get refund for. But it seems like. small developer and might grow with time. The ‘pads’ are disappointing- they are there in graphic form but it’s actually a tiny play symbol in the corner you have to aim for. Feel like file management more than a playable thing


Tony seems like a cool guy and hard worker. But it seems like Atom Piano Roll can also function as a MIDI recorder plugin in AUM. OTOH I have no idea if it’s a PITA to use for that purpose vs. Photon AU. I’ve seen enough apps and hardware that should in theory give me a certain feature but it makes me do like 9 steps while a competing product lets me get it done in 1-2 steps.

Just posted a question on the AB forum about Atom so I’ll see how it goes.


Both have their pros and cons…
Photon is meant to be a midi looper with extras, but imo it’s not straightforward enough for that, but workable. Mostly useful if you want to capture midi without the need of editing.
Pros: 16 ch midi (note+cc) recording, midi file management.
Atom is more of a conventional piano roll, quite easy to record/edit.
Atm only for notes and only on ch1, and there is no way to export midi files. These shortcomings will be addressed in updates, also my understanding is that it’s the first member of a set of midi related tools, where in the future there will be things like clip launchers/song mode, file management etc


Sounds like Photon AU is the app I should get first, as my AUM MIDI recorder. I like the MIDI file import/export and file management. Will keep an eye out on how the Atom family develops


hey guys & gals,
I’m inching ever closer to purchasing an iPad(Air) for music making,
partly thanks to this thread,

Am I getting it correctly that one possible use is

iPad+CCK+USBaudio+AUM+SynthApps=multitimbral synth module


Also: how important do you think it would be to future proof by getting the new Air instead of the old Pad and/or more GB of storage?



iPad + newer CCK** + USB audio interface***
** so iPad can be charged while playing
*** make sure it supports class compliant mode, if powered it can go straight into CCK, if USB powered, insert a powered USB hub in between, only few interfaces can be powered by iPad.

IMO air 1 is out of question; air 2 still holds quite well, but will not be able to run many more demanding apps together, specially at lower buffer size; air 3 is probably the best choice for music atm, it’s on par with pros at fracture of the cost.
Storage only depends on planned use. There are bigger sample libraries.


If I want to use, say, all the Bram bros apps together, do I get Audiobus for that? AUM? Rozeta?

If I want to use Synth One + Patterning together? Which app makes it possible?


AUM is the best solution to both of those. I have basically every ios music making app and AUM is permanently in the top 3. Audiobus would work too, but since AUM I almost never use audiobus anymore.