iPad Music Apps?


I was also looking at the Skulpt, any experience?


SKULPT is great if you’re looking for a portable 4 voice poly that excels in UK club music sounds. Its not a super-deep modulation monster but a decent bread and butter piece, as long as you are OK with the core sound. The low freq response of the synth is quite impressive, but some folks hungry for excessive high freq harmonics might be disappointed, its a VA after all.


Factory - Modular Synthesizer by Sugar Bytes GmbH

Standalone is free!


If you are still looking for an FM synth try KQ Dixie. It is based on the Yamaha and there are alot of free sound packs out there.


How did your test work out?

Don’t worry, bandwidth and storage are cheap these days, you can totally be that guy all you like:-)


Buying it based on the promo video alone!

Cross fader! What?!?

Can’t wait to try this out, thanks for the post!


Cheers.just downloaded it.hoping can use with audioshare on ipad for sample fodder


Got it a week or so ago. Pretty dope. I can’t figure out how to route the lfo to anything, though.


Try the Modwheel. Lots of old school synths have modulation depth tied to the Modwheel.


my main tip for ios music , get AUM , a few apps and learn how to route things to each other , its a very flexible crazy modular thing.

i always use the bram bos stuff , various LFO into other app parameters , generally if they have midi cc you can assign an lfo to anything
and it’ll sample/record things on bar boundaries for easy octatrack mangling.

aum also has generic processing , like limiters , wideners etc …
and Noir is mad , a bit like a Rytm engine with fm , lots of modulation , can make very nice sounds.


Oh yes. So I found out that the new headphones are very revealing indeed, and lossy compression is often audible regardless of headphone out used (tested with my Apollo twin for comparison).

But he most bizarre thing is that some commercial music sounds totally ok even in lossy format with these headphones, whereas most music doesn’t. Perhaps those songs are mastered for lossy playback?

so I’d say the headphone dongle is not at fault here


Anyone know if it’s possible for AUM to follow midiclock or recieve transport from an external midi source (in this case my DT)? It looks like it can’t to my eyes, which is upsetting :frowning:


OK so i used google. AUM doesn’t accept transport or clock from external sources other than ableton link. So I’ve used the midilinksync app to accept midi from by DT and convert it to ableton link. Easy.


yeh its a bit annoying , i tend to just record loops at 120 and dump them onto octatrack .
i wish they did more / easy inputs for tempo / sync
i tend to do all my delays / filter sweeps etc tempo sync to make it easier too.


BramBos is teasing his upcoming app Mosaic - a scriptable AU MIDI plugin. It appears you can type your script on iPad instead of having to type it up on a laptop/desktop computer then upload to iPad.


So what are the essentials here?
Finally got the proper cck, and my partner bought me the moog bundle for my birthday :tipping_hand_man:t2:
I’m hearing audio bus is a must, or aum?
I’m interested in any devices that work well with digitakt workflow, and a 8+ voice piano for practicing (AK as midi controller)
But I probably won’t get more than 3 more apps. Too much to dive into


Good idea.

For me, AUM over Audiobus. Then AudioShare for utility file management.



who wants to burst the bubble for him lads


I agree with X… The three must have apps:

  1. AUM
  2. Audioshare

Ok, the 3rd one is kind of in flux because of the rapid rate of change in the IOS world. Post some needs/desires and maybe we can suggest something for that 3rd slot


One thing that was missing from AUM was an AU MIDI plugin to record MIDI from your jams, generative MIDI sequencers, etc. so that you could later edit the recorded MIDI into a more finished work. Now we have Photon AU:

We also have Atom Piano Roll, which apparently can also record MIDI, plus do a bunch of other stuff to justify the slightly higher price.


Atom seems to have caught on more, so far.