iPad Music Apps?


Likewise. Feels like a big gap in the market. Even a decent, simple drum sampler would be good. Can’t stand the UI of Beathawk which seems to be people’s suggestion for AUv3 drums.


Waldorf attack is a thing of beauty and sounds great, BUT the dials/knobs, especially the tune ones are quite fiddly and make for a frustrating experience.




This is what you want to connect your iPad to an audio interface, and also be able to keep charging the iPad via USB-C:

For drum synthesis, Elastic Drums and the Bram Bos apps are indeed popular. Do they satisfy everyone? Clearly not, but they’re worth a look

Forgotten but still useful is the iMS-20 drum section - unfortunately the sequencer forces you to use knobs to set step values and you can’t zoom in on them. Also, some peeps hate that it’s not AUv3. But if you’re willing to deal with those shortcomings and prefer analog style synthesis, it’s pretty good.


I’m sure Apple will release a similar adapter for USB C, unfortunately the item you linked is only for a lightening connector.

I feel that with USB C one should only need to have a power source on a single component within the chain. Hopefully mfg will catch up with the technology soon. My dream is a an 2i2o audio interface that I can plug in and then have it charge iPad Pro at same time.

Main goal with iPad ATM is to use iPad as Octa food and resampling of effect sends. Be so wonderful. :slight_smile:


My bad, you’re right the adapter I linked is lighting to lighting + USB3, not USB-C.


Patterning 2 is a fantastic sequencer and sampler, but I’m looking for synthesis specifically.


I’ve heard mixed things about that one. I’ll have to look into it.


SeekBeats is great, although there’s a lot of room for improvement.
I actually sent a list of UI interface suggestions to the developer (we were already in contact as I was giving him feedback on another one of his apps) but he never considered them… it’s a shame, because there were simple improvements (mostly GUI) that would’ve make the music making experience a lot better.
Still, it sounds great - the most Machinedrum-esque synthesis I’ve used in iOS, AFAIR… Elastic Drums is great, and probably better in terms of usability, but it’s sound engine is a lot dirtier… Seekbeats is cleaner.


this is the USB-C equivalent

ok, it also has HDMI but Yeh


I have it, no issues. Sounds great. Dodgy dongle like you said?

I was surprised when i learned that the dongle actually has the DAC I side it. Mind blown.

Maybe dongle can’t drive your cans? Not enough juice.


I really love it. The automation and randomisation features are crazy and the sound is really cool. But depends on taste I guess.
Seekbeats sounds great, too, but I’m not a fan of its sequencer


I forgot the new iPad Pro has USB-C. Mine has the now-older Lighting port.


Forgot about SunVox - it has as drum synth module.

SunVox is one of the oldest modular synth apps for mobile devices out there - runs on multiple platforms (PC, Android, IOS, etc). It’s light on the CPU, relatively stable, and still being actively supported by the developer. It’s also easier to learn how to use than most peeps would think, and while the UI looks kinda “vintage” it responds predictably to one’s fingers, unlike too many apps that have knobs that turn the opposite direction of what you intended.


I dont think there’s a problem with the dongle as such, it sounds “normal” with my lower-specced headphones. But I’ll test again with PCM WAV files. I’m actually hoping the wavs will sound as terrible, otherwise I’m never going to be content using lossy audio again :diddly:

All these years I thought I couldnt really hear any major diff between lossless and high bitrate MP3/AAC… I don’t wanna be “that guy” :zonked:


Maybe not the best thread to ask, but which hardware synth can get close/compare to Waldorf Nave?


Blofeld is the obvious one, fairly similar architecture. And I guess other Waldorf stuff to varying extents!

Personally I bought the Blofeld because I loved the sound of Nave so much but wanted something hardware. Honestly not used it that much yet but it is a pretty awesome synth and despite the lack of knobs it’s really easy to use. Also really cheap (especially second hand) for what you get!


Twas supposed to be the Waldorf Quantum, but I never really paid close enough attention to verify if it’s truly Nave in hardware form.


I’m too poor to even look at the Quantum webpage…


Now you know why I didn’t look at it closely