iPad Music Apps?


Ruismaker is ok, but quite limited if tweaking, deep editing is what you’re after. Ruismaker FM imo is much better in that regard. Or if you’re ok with stable IAA (instead of AU) than SeekBeats. One of the best sounding imo on iOS with fun randomizer. Also for sampled drums (+sequencing) Patterning 2 is worth checking out.
I’m using Noir as e-percussion, single voice with many articulations via velocity and pitch.
Modstep is pretty good choice for hardware sequencing. The interface needs a bit getting used to, but still better than BM3, and as seq only way more stable than BM3. Worth mentioning Gadget, recently got midi out module. Fast workflow + much much more. Also NanoStudio2 for linear sequencing is worth checking.


Then there’s the audiodamage FM drum synth… What was it called again? IIRC had a different flavour thn ruismaker FM. I’d reinstall it but I’ve made a deal with myself to sticking just to my iOS essentials (Auria Pro / Gadget / Lurssen Mastering Console)


Axon 2 is the audio damage drum synth. Really cool sequencer on that one and good sounds too.


yeh, thats the one! its a fun app


Say, has anyone else updated to iOS 12.2? Installed the update yesterday and I think I am now experiencing that dreaded “battery drain bug” :crying_cat_face: Using 10" iPad Pro 2018


Yeah, Fugue Machine Auv3 update!


My iPhone is. Not sure about the iPad as its at home. I’ve had to pay more attention to how many apps I leave running in the background. Video game apps such as Final Fantasy Tactics, ChronoTrigger, etc. have been the fastest battery drainers, and that hasn’t changed since I got my first iPhone, back in the 32-bit IOS days.

Another thing I have to monitor more regular is whenever I leave a WiFi area, and remind myself to turn off WiFi on the device. Otherwise it wastes battery looking for a hotspot.


Kauldron - just hitting the spawn button (generate random preset) - this is one of the most 3d and organic but still nasty and weird sounding synths for iOS IMO


Piano Roll for AUM coming :pray:


Well fudge me. Fantastic.


holy crap! yay!!




Has anybody got the problem that Ribn app on iPad doesn’t recognize the digitakt anymore? When I connect the digitone the Ribn App recognizes this hardware and I can select them in the app.
Digitakt version 1.11 beta6 en digitize 1.11 Beta1. iPad air2 IOS12.2


this is one of those things I had been waiting for… specially beeing able to play and record with a keyboard, inside AUM
does anybody know if there’s any plans of something like this for Rozeta? I already have that, and if I can avoid the extra purchase…
although if it ever happen, it might be an IAP after all


Had my iPad for a few weeks now and I’m loving it. I’ve picked up some cool synths and percussion stuff, but I still feel like I’m missing something soundwise. Here’s my entire collection of stuff.

Name Use
Beatmaker 3 DAW
FLSM - FLmobile DAW
Patterning 2 DrumMachine
Elastic Drums DrumSynth
Ruismaker FM DrumSynth
Ruismaker Noir DrumSynth
Dlym FX
Dubstation 2 FX
Frobulator FX
FuzzPlus FX
Grind FX
Muckraker FX
Nebulizer FX
QuatroMod FX
RoughRider2 FX
Figure GrooveBox
iMachine GrooveBox
AUM Mixer
Borderlands Granular Samplers
Samplr Samplers
Fugue Machine Sequencer
Rozetta Sequencer
Analog Synth X Synthesizer
Bloom Synthesizer
FM Player Synthesizer
Laplace Synthesizer
Nanologue Synthesizer
Oscillator Synthesizer
Primer Synthesizer
Quanta Granular Synthesizer
Ripplemaker Synthesizer
Synth One Synthesizer
TeraSynth Synthesizer
Zeeon Synthesizer
Audioshare Utility
AudioVeek MIDI Tools Utility

I’m still searching for a few more holes to fill in my setup, though. Some of the synths also don’t really get used much (Ripplemaker, Primer, Oscillator, Nanologue, Analog Synth X, FM Player) as I haven’t really connected with them.

Plucked sounds - Laplace, tbh, kind of sucks. I’m not a huge fan of the sound or the interface, and for every 1 good sound I get out of it, I manage to make 100 that are useless and crappy. What else is out there?

Drums - Elastic and the Ruismaker stuff are neat, but not really what I’m looking for. I’d love something that is a mix between Rytm and MD synthesis. Patterning 2 is fantastic, but I want to be able to make my own samples.

Additive Synth - While Phosphor 2 looks cool, the GUI on Quanta (another AD synth) is a bit if a bitch to use so I figure P2 will be similar.

FM Synth - I tried Phasemaker and didn’t gel with it. I’d love something that is similar in ease of use to the Digitone.

Lastly, I highly prefer AudioUnit compatible plugins over IAA, which I know puts a bit of a limit on these things.


I really like FM4 by Primal but it isn’t an AUV3 which I prefer.
Aparillo is really fun and a great additive synth.
Noir by Ruismaker is really fun for exotic drum lines (think DFAM from Moog)


I avoided FM4 due to the nonAU nature, and I hated Aparillo. I have Noir, which is cool, but very limited for my needs.


Aparillo took me a bit to get my head around, now that it’s auv3 and I figured out how it works to a degree, its a go to for pads.

I got Waveshaper by Elliot Garage, and while its a weird one, you can make very nice plucked sounds with it, but you might also not enjoy the interface. You can draw your own waveforms and LFO/Envelopes so its interesting. It can pluck or get really weird.


You’re few weeks in and already thinking you need more than you’ve got?

Cant help you much I’m afraid. For myself, with a good flexible synth like Virsyn Tera, there really isnt anything I couldn’t do as far as synthesis is concerned. I don’t think you’ll find anything comparable to an elektron-tier groovebox in iOS land, heck, such things barely exist even for desktop computer OS’es…


Haha. Good point. Though, to be fair, a couple weeks into iOS, but 20 years into synthesis, so I’m trying to get certain resources available to me immediately.

I’m really only using Zeeon, Quanta, and Tera as the other synths either aren’t doing anything for me, or are just there for specific sounds (nanologue has some great bass sounds, for example). I’ll need to learn Tera more, but it is lacking a small but in certain routing options (only 2 inputs for the amp, mainly).

I’m not looking for the grooveboxes as much as the synth engines. BM3, AUM, and Patterning are more than enough sequencing for me.