iPad Music Apps?


Heads up for anyone planning on getting a new iPad + Samplr… There seems to be an issue recording into the app directly via the mic. I’d read about it on the new iPad pros, but it’s also a problem on my new regular iPad. It was top of my music app wish list, so is a bit of a disappointment, though I imagine I’ll live ;). Wonderful app otherwise!


Wish to Dog he would update it.


Quick q: What audio / MIDI interfaces are you using with your iPads? I’m running SAMPLR and just using the headphone jack on my iPad Pro. I’d love to use CsGrain and Enso Looper live but have no way of getting audio into the iPad.


I use a Scarlett 2i2 with the Apple connection kit (the one with power). Works like a charm.

That said if you don’t have Bluetooth midi you’d need either an interface with both audio and midi like the iconnectivity ones or a powered USB hub.


I use both NI Traktor Audio 6 (when at home) and SPL Crimson 3 (when at the project cave). You can use a USB-C to USB-A cable without any extr dongles for both with the 2018 Pro iPads.

I didn’t buy either audiointerface just for using with iOS thogh. Recently have been thinking about getting an Apogee One just for iOS use cuz its much smaller and more convenient to use on the go.


i use camera connection kit and a behringer uca 222. it is really cheap and can even be powered by the ios device. sound quality is fine for me… you get stereo chinch in and out plus 3,5mm headphone monitor jack (hardware monitoring)

behringer uca 202 is the same thing, just other color…


Cools - thanks all. I’m gonna get the CCK and a powered hub so I can run my 2i4 from the iPad. I want to get that PolyPhase sequencer to hook up to the DN.



there are two different camera connection kits. one regular and one with additional lightning power input - this one can charge your ios device and power a hub / power hungry devices…


Good call I have been sequencing everything I can with Polyphase. Love it.


I checked out some Youtube vids last night. Blew my mind!


I downloaded TOPLApapp to my phone, but I get nothing out of the speakers. Am I doing it wrong? The instructions are pretty vague.


Ditto here. No audio. Will try headphones.


Keep hitting ? Until you get sound- it’s like a puzzle


For TOPLAPapp, make sure the “silence” hardware switch on your phone isn’t engaged. That caught me a few times.


Duh! That was totally it - I’m not used to that being a showstopper for musical apps. Thanks for the heads up! Wow, it really does make some cool, glitchy sounds. Could be fun pumped into some fx or the OT or both.


Currently, a Roland Duo Capture EX - one of the very few Roland products that is USB class compliant.

Thinking of getting a Roland Go Mixer Pro next. I participate in jam track playalong threads. The Go Mixer will apparently let you record your live playing, the backing track audio, and video - all at the same time into iPhone/Android phone. Trying to figure out if it will also allow playback of said backing track on the phone instead of having to feed the track into an external audio input on the Go Mixer, and if it will work with iPad


Same here. I’m using AudioShare to record audio that I then share into Samplr.


Got my iPad sunday. Immediately bought Phasemaker and Ripplemaker and… didn’t like them. Haha. I feel like Phasemaker is TO FM for me, I prefer my Digitone’s sound. I was hoping Ripplemaker would let me emulate (to a small degree) my 0Coast, but without “stackable” cables, it’s a bit weak the flexibility. I also checked out Ruismaker Noir. It seems cool, but I feel like it’s more of a “fx” drum synth than an actual drum machine, which is something I need - I’m thinking of checking out the regular Ruismaker. I’d love something that gives me Machinedrum and “analog” drums in the same spot. Is the Waldorf one still legit?

I’m really enjoying Samplr, and I plan on checking out Phosphorous 2 and Quanta Granular, along with Borderlands. I got Rozeta, which is fun for doing generative stuff, but I’m looking for a polyphonic sequencer for my hardware. I have BM3, but it’s a bit of a PITA to use (especially with how it kind of broke Rozeta hooking up to it). Has anyone used Modstep? I’ve heard mixed things (it’s great! it’s a pain in the ass!).


Try FieldScaper. Craziest sample mangler I’ve ever used.


Good tip :+1: