iPad Music Apps?


For 3 bucks, that was one of the easiest decisions to make! Thanks for sharing, it looks like a fun way to enjoy sampling and jamming on the go.


I’m getting a bit swamped in options here… Any opinions on the smartest way to mix three or four apps at once and record (/sequence?) the output?


AUM is an absolute must-buy for iPad music making. No sequencing though. For that: Rosetta Suite.

apeMixer looks promising too but I haven’t dived deep with it yet.


Yep, AUM is the thing.


AUM plus the new audio damage looper Enso is a very strong combo as you can record loops of audio and thus don’t have to rely on sequencing everything. Plus it’s AUv3 so you can put one on every channel. Have fun


Thanks a lot folks


There’s the synclavier app, which has its own way of doing additive synthesis, among other things


AUM can record and play loops on its own, but will try Enso as well, thanks for the tipp.


audio damage phosphor 2


Thanks @tsutek & @Unifono, checking these out now.

Doesn’t look like they have the instant control over partials that I’m after. I want to make horrid, atonal, digital noises rather than organ-like sounds. I guess it’s quite a specific task.


TOPLAPapp is great sample fodder towards the splintered shards of digital glass and static interference.
Not what you ordered but just saying :+1:t3:


This looks fun :slight_smile: Always look for more ways to make horrid sounds. :+1:


Would be lovely if the developer made this a little more fluid like


Really like this one. Wish you could buy additional presets for it


Awesome recommendation! Combining my love of puzzles with noise making along with my appreciation of free things.

What a cool developer!


DN & DT screaming for pairing up with my iPad Pro :slight_smile:

What are your favorite FX - App recommendations?


Yeah there was RISCy too but it no longer works although I think it’s still available…

EDIT for the record, your honour, it does work.


Works for me


Thanks for inciting me to check again, it’s been updated, it used to be black.
Glad it’s back, I lost hours to TOPLAPapp and RISCy!

EDIT RISCy still doesn’t work like before on my iPhone, there is an underlying noise with many of the patches. Real shame :pensive:


Looooove ElasticFX. Turnado is cool too but I find the quality of FX is better on Elastic; not as flexible though (you can really get into the weeds with Turnado). Plus the automation recording is killer: it’s the same but not always the same. Super interesting.