iPad Music Apps?


A bit of a letdown. No major improvements in workflow that I can see.


I’ll take what I can get. Just bought iMS-20 and iPolysix to add to my gadgets. The iMS-20 oughta be interesting as it has an audio input! Hoping it will be available also in the Gadget version… And indeed its there!

This might just be my favourite gadget yet :diddly:


Was hoping for subfolders to work in user samples location for Bilbao but doesn’t look like it. Instead everything I’ve recorded in rasario and Zurich is in there cluttering it up further

Otherwise, the midi thing Taipei looks like a great addition. Not sure how the Volca Sample preset is going to work as the gadget looks to be restricted to one output channel per instance

The new colour is a pt least a change of scene but not a fan of the gradient background. I like the gadgets/tracks having separate colours loosely based on their appearance


Has anyone managed to get MIDI loopback happening with Taipei? I’m hoping this would be possible. It appears to be possible at least in theory, but I cannot get the gadgets to receive MIDI data… Was hoping to be able to use the CC LFOs with other gadgets.


This dropped today: Koala Sampler by Marek Bereza

It is geared towards use on a phone (no landscape as of yet), but it is SUPER fun and the interface is excellent. Sample import is on the way, but that’s not really the point. You can also read about what inpired the developer to create the app.


Thanks for posting about koala. Super fun and SUPER easy. Can’t understand why something this easy hadn’t been made before 2019! Having a blast with it.



looks really cool


Oh I really thought Taipei would have option to label the Cc knobs… :frowning:


Closest was TriqTraq which I’ve never cared for: more features, but I found the interface frustrating.

I like Koala because it nails the interface and is just complicated enough. People are bombarding the developer with feature requests on the Audiobus forum, but I think they’re missing the point. You can also play and sequence samples chromatically, which is more than you can for the SP-XOX series! :stuck_out_tongue:


i didn’t particularly care for the app after trying it out. The lack of audio tracks is a huge hole for me, so maybe I’ll give it another try once that feature is released,. But I also found a lot of the navigation and interface cumbersome, not unlike BM3.


This is exciting news for me. For a while I was using iMS-20 to try out patching ideas for my MS-20 Mini. Hated the built in sequencer because I had to use knobs for note entry, and they could not be zoomed like the synth panel. Gadget’s sequencer is so much more usable.

It’d be interesting to see if the ESP section actually responds to audio input now. When the app first came out, it apparently didn’t work.


I don’t think anybody in the AB forum caught on to the new auto-beat generation feature in Gadget 2 - if anyone did, it was lost in all the forum noise. Also the tempo change stuff is cool.


Koala :koala: …about to dive in a bit


I want to cover this song (Winter Days), which has a swing jazz/country kind of beat. The closest thing I could find was HipHop 5 with swing around 90-ish, using the 2nd slider of the auto-beat creator:


Refunded the iPolysix app as it seemed really redundant somehow… I failed to see the appeal since I already have the iMonoPoly?

Thanks for posting about new the tempo scene functions. Will come in handy.


Having both I prefer iMonoPoly presets over the iPolySix ones, but I have no experience at patching either synth. The 2-voice poly difference doesn’t matter to me.



Any iOS additive synth recommendations?

I’m a sucker for the kind of horrible sounds you can make with NI Razor & IL Harmor.


Not sure if you meant to but there’s actually a synth called addictive synth that can get you there from Virsyn. I’m very fond of Aparillo for making huge sounds.