iPad Music Apps?


Anyone come across a straight midi delay for iOS?

Am missing this from way back:

The bam bros Rozeta thing has way more complicated midi processing but doesn’t look like I could just use it for repeating incoming midi notes while decreasing velocity (and option for increasing /decreasing note value with the repeats). Or maybe I can just strip back the particles element of Rozeta sequencer and get this?

Thanks for any pointers!


Perhaps StreamByter, heard the developer helps with creating scripts



Ok, Patterning 2 is out. There goes the weekend…


there are some midi processors out there, midifiltr-pg is one of them , i think the developer does a few others.

midifire would work though i haven’t dug into it much. (i think its streambyter related and has built in scenes and a good forum ) -

i use the rozetta stuff a lot , like a weird modular thing that has lfo’s going in to transpose , fix note scales etc… cells is particularly good .not sure if theres a midi delay though , unless you rigged up the arp in some way…

also ?


Would someone be so kind as to tell me if Patterning 2 records microtiming with the pads or if its auto quantized? I would be very grateful.


looks to be quantized to the grid , which can be up to 64 steps and weird step durations.
you could use 2 patterns with slightly different tempos and slowly more between tempos though i think it’ll apply to all tracks.

you can randomize the attack amount which might help but its not unquantized recording from the pads


THANK YOU!! (complete sentence)


Thanks! MidiFire and Streambyter looking good. At least if I had a bit of time to get familiar with building things, though another user may already have a delay to share… :thup:


Has anybody worked with that app Sysex Base? I’m curious how simple it would be to perform backups on my phone/iPad.


New controller app ‘Ribn’ by the guy who does the Once upon a Synth youtubes looks good


Yeah. Really like it.


Did a template similar to that in Lemur, but like that this app records movement and seems faster to setup.


I haven’t tried Sysex Base but I’m using Midi Tool Box for backups and loading sounds to my A4. Works great.


Perfect! Thanks!


I have sysexbase, used it to load and backup samples from my old Roland s-10. Works great. Haven’t used it yet for backup of my Rytm, I should though


Cheers for the heads up, looks well worth a quid. Is once upon a synth guy on here?


Don’t think he is…

I started using Ribn - it’s great


I was just using it on other apps. But now on OT and I :black_heart: this app

Great interface and definitely bold enough for a phone on table at arms length.


Very nice.


AudioLayer a sampler by VirSyn out.


They mention on the AB forum they are going to allow Reslice to sample from the signal chain in the future as they adapt the feature from AudioLayer.