iPad Music Apps?


So, I’ve encounter a few bugs in Quanta thus far. Understandable, I guess. Can anyone else confirm that the filter on/off functionality isn’t working correctly: i.e. once I turn off the filter, I can’t seem to turn it back on? Unless I’m missing something obvious (shrug).



I can turn it back on (press a filter type) but I can confirm however it is in general a bit laggy. Its execution time of changes is just really inconsistent imo. Sometimes it just stops playing a note for no reason.

I’m not sure that’s due to the app or my iPadmini4. Shouldn’t be the latter. I’m getting no latency issues and CPU is approx 30%


Thanks for the reply!

Ya, having to press a filter type instead of hitting the ‘off’ switch a second time did trip me up at first, but it was also freezing up on me. Anyway, regardless, when I came back to it today, after reloading the app and rebooting my iPad, it seems to have sorted itself out. I haven’t noticed any lag-time otherwise on my 2017 iPad 9.7", but to be fair, I’ve yet to really dig in, so… We’ll see (grin).



Closing in on patterning 2, not long now. Been itching to buy the first one but not long till the second one comes out. Just wondering though if anyone knows if there’s some method of multitracking the kit out?


Personally not used the feature, but would the following suffice (taken from current Patterning):

Bounce individual tracks or the main mix and save your files to AudioShare, iTunes File Sharing or using “Open in….” to save to Dropbox or other apps.

Export directly to an Ableton Live Set! Generated Live Sets include MIDI tracks as well as audio. Export to a single master loop for each pattern, or each track individually.


Above and beyond, looking forward to this one, sounds like it’s pushing well into digitakt territory with what it can do


From what I understand, Patterning 2.0 is set to officially launch this Friday, July 27th! I’ve been beta testing it for months now… It’s definitely a step up from the original, which was already a fantastic and otherwise unprecedented drum machine. In my opinion, it’s worth buying an iPad for Patterning alone.



So how are the pads integrated with the sequencer? Does one predetermine the number of steps before real time recording with pads? Is there micro timing for “stupid”, boombap style sequences? Does it record velocity?

Is the sequencer still “limited” to 64 steps?

I’m on the fence with this one…


Using aum you can choose the source of any channel to be track 1 or 2 etc or stereo mix. So you can setup to record each track. Probably can do it in auria as well. Might be an internal mulitple file export feature as well, not sure.


Strange request but could someone check their Patterning presets for one called “Gem”? I’m not sure thats mine or came with Patterning :flushed:


I just released TriKey today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trikey/id1406537477?ls=1&mt=8

It came about while trying to write coherent voicings using Messiaen’s mode of limited transpositions. I was mainly focused on creating a certain atmosphere, and didn’t really care about the notes or composition. Each keyboard filters wrong notes, can hold chords, and controls the dynamics of the instrument via finger movement (y-displacement). I use this extensively with SpitFire’s string / orchestral libraries. You can also control multiple iPad synths with it.

Here is a video showing the controlling of the violin / cello dynamics and note filtering: https://streamable.com/6139x


is it me, or everyone just skipped this wonderful piece of music software called Thor (originally Reason’s main synth)? very playable and flexible.
frankly i still haven’t got used to make music on an ipad (having tons of apps on it), but this one impressed me a lot


I have no idea why Thor doesn’t get more attention. I think it’s one of the all-time best iPad apps, yet I never see anyone discussing it.


Honestly for me it was one of the first apps and it got pushed aside by all the shiny new apps released since then. I need to get back to it.

I also have this vague notion it wouldn’t integrate well with MIDI vis a vis AUM…or something…



I still think it’s a good app. But like the other guy said it’s been forgotten due to shinier new apps. There’s also the AUV3 Police that screams bloody murder at every app that doesn’t support AUv3; they’ve kind of taken over the IOS community like a viral infection.


Audiobus 3 update out.

What are some examples of audio unit midi effects that can now go in the midi effects slot? Seems to be the top update news

I just have the midiflow things…

Been looking for a midi delay with real-time controls…


Some midi au are Rozeta and StepPolyArp.

Other news, Patterning 2 just released and downloaded.


just had my first jam in P2! i watched the “11 minutes in patterning 2” video to kick start my experience. seems like a sweet app. much to learn


Never much cared for Patterning although I have it… whats new in v2.0?

Thor is aight and all, but without CV its much more limited than the version in Reason IMHO