iPad Music Apps?


Found this fun lil app, I just generated a bunch of little ideas for basslines and electro tracks
SID Automated Mouth Retro Text to Speech Synthesizer


I think I’ve already mentioned it, but for those looking for synthetic drums, Seekbeats is awesome… has it’s limitations/GUI flaws (I made an extensive review of these for the developer but so far he didn’t pay much attention :stuck_out_tongue: )
IMHO is a lot “cleaner” than Elastic Drums… and quite Machinedrum-esque in a sense - you can get super pure sounds out of it



Crazy, i’ve had this app for a while. Sounds really really good.


its very good , i ussually just generate scales of notes c and f# at 120bpm …
instant easy to use sample fodder for digitakt / octatrack (i should check on rytm and it’s use of numbers for start points).

doing it in aum allows you to pre process it too , eq , compression , delays/reverb etc…
i think ive got loads already done from the presets somewhere… i can probably share them later if i get time.


Fabfilter have released Pro-Q 2 as an AuV3 for iPad…
Currently not compatible with GarageBand for some reason.


The price is a bit steep . I know fabfilter Q2 is the real deal, but I already purchased it for Auria for roughly the same price! If I had known fabfilter is coming to AU3, I woulda never bought them for auria (bought most of them already too, saturn, timeless, volcano… GRR).

Maybe I will still buy the AU3 version at some point. Having a proper parametric EQ with all the modern features available in every AU3 host, essential. If they also port the reverb, they have finally brought desperately needed tools to iOS. I know eqs and reverbs already exist, but I haven’t found any others that sound like what I’m looking for…


Yeah I don’t buy anything thats not AUv3 any more.


Not rebuying, i mix in auria and with the native coding you can get tons more instances than au plugins. Ff eq, timeless or saturn and microwarmer (or some other compressor) per track, and pro r and compressor and limiter on the master. That’s about 24-28 plugins in total. Don’t think you’ll get near that with au’s


Heads-up my fellow LinnStrumentalists and other MPE pioneers: Quanta by Audio Damage is now available for iOS (grin). If you’re a fan of granular synthesis at all, I think this app is going to prove a must-have. Looks very promising…



yes and don’t forget that you have to have tiny tiny fingers to use it…
imho worst interface so far… cluttered, weird usage paradigm and much too small interface elements…
a direct port from a mac or windows app… may be nice sounding but using it is without much joy…
could be much better if they had made an exclusive ios version.

why is it that every toilet maker has acknowledged that there is a size limit to sell its paper… ?
but interface designers are allowed to do buttons that are almost too small to hit them?


LOL … good point … maybe, because we wouldn’t get brown stinky fingers ? :wink:

Seriously … over the years of using software I have a suspicion. Some software is unusable, because it has been made by software engineers rather than by users.


I honestly can’t say I’m having a problem with it. The G.U.I. looks sharp, clean, and intuitive to me. I’m certainly not finding it any more difficult to manage on the touch screen than any other app I own, and I’m only using a 9.7" iPad. Regardless, I’ll be controlling it primarily from my LinnStrument to taking advantage of the MPE aspect of this synth, which was the main draw for me anyway. I do find it somewhat ironic though, you know, when people choose to make music on their iDevices, then act surprised when it proves a little fiddly. Perhaps these standards you’ve suggested should include warning labels for people with abnormally large appendages (wink).



yes may be.

I have a 10.5 pro and I am not sure if this might be a reason… but… others do better, if it is tardigrain or spacecraft granular… The developers too should accept that an ipad is not a desktop computer and as long as there is no mouse support for the ios devices there is a difference and that should be put into consideration… And no I have small fingertips and I am not trembling of age or drugs… It is just to tiny to feel good doing stuff in quanta and no it is not onloy the interface but some weird decisions of the interface designer…
That is the big problem of IOS music and one of the advantages of hardware like elektron where is only one usage paradigm and not a bazillion. Try using cubasis and modstep and you see how few similarities are between them… or quanta and samplr for example… the have nothing in common… This is not very comfortable… and I do not see the irony in that :slight_smile:


Yaaaassss. Been waiting on this one.


Don’t have modstep - is it the more comfortable compared to cubasis?


I feel that way about some of the fabfilter stuff in Auria. Yes great price etc but no manual for the iOS versions so you keep running into differences which aren’t covered. And synth One by fabfilter, which comes with Auria: I like the simplicity and the smooth filter control but it is SO tiny with no zoom I can find - it takes up a very small portion of the iPad screen. Again seems like a port from desktop where some things weren’t thought about…


Apple Pencil may help if you have a compatible iPad…


not at all :slight_smile:
I stopped using modstep…
Too many functions clutter up the interface…
I know the ipad is capable of a lot of work but it does not make stuff easy as every developer is cooking its own soup…


Fabfilter Pro Q2 iOS, Im finding its spectrum grab feature super useful.:slightly_smiling_face: