iPad Music Apps?


The stockholm gadget was an instabuy for me. The port is just about perfect IMO, very fluid and fun to use, with all the staple dr rex workflows intact (like my old fave, dialing in that notch filter with cutoff at minimum position, BOOM).

Now then, I am having a new problem with my Gadget that I’m rather disappointed about. I have been making some custom patches for my iwavestation and iM1 both in the standalone apps, and I can use those in Gadget iOS just fine. But if I then try to iCloud sync the gadget projects which use these custom patches to gadget desktop on my mac, the custom patches do not sync along with the rest of the project. GRRRRR!

Any ideas how to solve this? I mean, how do you even get custom patches into gadget desktop? Do I need to buy the Korg (no longer legacy) collection to get access to the gadget custom patch imports? Sheeeeeeeesh…

I also have to admit having other, mysterious icloud syncing probs with Gadget. Sometimes a song will not sync no matter how many times I hit the blue cloud icon… just will not upload…


The “basic” iOS Gadget is complete and the in-app purchases “only” add new sound generators. Maybe the Zurich recorder was in-app purchase too?


  • Bilbao is a drum machine and allows to import samples, London doesn’t
  • Abu Dhabi allows importing and slicing loops, Vancouver only supports factory samples
  • Then there are the synths from the Korg Collection like the Arp Odyssey, Mono/Poly, Polysix etc. and the
  • sample based instruments from the Module-series (Pianos, Organs, Orchestra, etc.).

I would start with the basic Gadget and if you really miss a particular sound engine, check it out. IMO it depends very much on the kind of music you are creating, which of the Gadgets makes sense or not.

Edit: I stay corrected, @GovernorSilver is right, Vancouver supports to import user samples.


This video supposedly shows how to load user samples in to Vancouver


Gadget is basically a self-contained workstation app, with a fairly large selection of “gadgets” you can sequence with the piano roll style sequencer. Back in the 80s, before workstation keyboards became affordable, a typical “workstation” was one or more drum machines, a bass line machine (eg. TB-303), another machine for chords, etc. Korg’s own Volca line is a return to that idea; so I kind of think of the gadgets as virtual Volcas. So most of the IAPs are for synth apps like iM1, Mono/Poly, etc. so that you can use them inside of Gadget.

Peeps who love Gadget the most tend to already like piano-roll sequencers and aren’t too bothered by lack of AU support or the limited MIDI out implementation. We call it a “walled garden” because it doesn’t seem to be designed to integrate well with apps outside of Gadget. OTOH, changes to IOS and stuff like that don’t hurt Gadget as much as they can hurt apps that have to talk to each other over AU, AU MIDI, IAA, etc. It’s a good choice for when you want to put together a song without messing too much with all those integration technologies.

If you want a simpler groovebox oriented app for banging out beats quickly and not spending a lot of time auditioning all kinds of synths and samplers, Grooverider might be worth a look as an alternative.

As far as Korg apps go, iMS-20 is a must-have for me, because I own an MS-20 Mini. The app is really useful for trying out MS-20 patches when I’m away from home. The sequencer interface kind of sucks though, as you can’t zoom in on the knobs, making it more difficult than necessary to set the knobs to exact values.


In case anyone else was wondering about this, I found a workaround. But you need to have Korg Collection M1 licence (formerly known as Korg Legacy Collection) for the desktop as well :skull_and_crossbones:

So how you get those custom Darwin sounds to ableton? First you need to make copies of the required patches from your ”Library 1-4” bank(s) into banks ”User 1-4”. Doesnt matter which userbank you use as long as all patches can also be found there. Now, ”export to KLC” from iM1.

Once you have transferred the bank dump into your desktop, you can load up the userbanks in the M1 VST. so you then replace any Darwin instances in your ableton session with the M1 VST and load up the required bank/patch.

Korg would do well to streamline this workflow. The ”Library 1-4” banks should also be available in M1 VST, and Darwin should import those banks in, just like on iOS. Effin kludge man


I hate the sounds in the Gadget M1, but he standalone M1 has so much sound control on it that it becomes appealing- so I’m on the fence for getting the Legacy M1- since the essence of the synth is something I don’t care for


My 2 cents… don’t.
I have bought way too many apps i don’t use, so i don’t even consider buying m1 or wavestation because those sounds don’t appeal to me. Sure, after some mangling and processing you can make it work but that goes for any sound source.


I feel similarly. I have M01D on Nintendo 3DS but I’m sure it has since been eclipsed by Gadget for Switch as far as Nintendo music making goes. M01D though has MIDI export, which is missing on all the other Detune apps for Nintendo.

Anyway, because I’ve had M01D, I can’t get excited about iM1. Wavestation fans wax poetic about iWavestation, but I haven’t heard any demos/tracks with sounds that inspired me.


I just wanna add that I just got “samplr” and I’ve had mpc’s/sp’s/op-1/microgranny/euro samplers/electribes and probably other samplers I can’t remember but it’s easily the most expressive sampler I’ve ever owned.

Got an iPad to use as a daw because my 2010 macbook is burnt out but I’m really excited about finding out about “samplr”.

Would like to explore some drum synths to import into my Digitakt. But yeah go download samplr if u haven’t already <3


Elastic Drums fella, I keep on keeping on about it :heart_eyes:


Has anyone successfully recorded a MIDI sequence from a iPad sequencer?

So in my case I write a sequence in Patterning. Setup AR as master and Patterning as slave. Hit Live Record on AR and let it rip. Quarter notes end up 1/96 on the microtiming.

Any work arounds or tips for this? Maybe uploading the MIDI file to Ableton then recording from there?

EDIT: solved below thanks to @karkwai


Got exactly the same results as you on Patterning. I’m connecting the iPad directly to AR via camera connection kit.

If however I set the iPad as master then start live record on AR, then the notes are on grid.


Yes I think Patterning especially is fine as master.

Problem there is that I can’t figure out how to do a good job live recording that way. How is it you start the live recording of AR if slaved?


Not sure if it’s an ideal solution, try going to Sequencer Config and setting Quantize Live Rec. Puts notes on the grid with AR on master, but you would lose out on Swing from Patterning I guess.


Ahhh. I was doing trying quantize under track menu. I’ll try that in a bit.

Thanks either way!

EDIT: worked like a charm! Soooo good this. Thank you so much!


Can it do long boomy 808s? Sort of trap stuff?


No idea what trap is but you can get all manner of long bass drums from the varied engines, it truly is astounding, and it sounds great on all frequencies…
The iap are well worth it too, not essential at all but they do add a broader spectrum for sound design.

It is the best, plus you can export mixes and individual stems/tracks including fx sends which has serious scope for experimentation and inspiration…

Grab the manual and put your money down :+1:t3:


M1 and Wavestation are among my fave synths these days. I also have hardware versions of both!! I admit they can be an aquired taste however.

Programming patches is key. Forget what you know about the synths and just roll your own sounds.


Yes it can. Imo they’re not very rich but they can def boom. The app is more to glitch out. I haven’t figured out a good way to key in pitches, if youre looking to pitch it.

Trap hats are a breeze.


Found this fun lil app, I just generated a bunch of little ideas for basslines and electro tracks
SID Automated Mouth Retro Text to Speech Synthesizer