iPad Music Apps?


You just made my day.


mine too :wink:


On the Audiobus forum there are mainly negative comments on the Patterning 2 release, since Auv3 is not supported. I guess he might change his mind


Looking forward to ratcheting, not aware of many apps that do it for midi.


The tempo changes, MIDI improvements, and divide mode measure length are great new additions.


Good gods, that AB forum thread is unreadable due to all the bitching over lack of AUv3.


Yeah. Terrible.
I’m curious about the randomization features


Well, you know, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s bound to ask for a glass of milk (smirk).

Hell, it’s a wonder we ever got anything done before AUv3 support.

Personally, at least as far as drum machines are concerned, I actually prefer standalone apps. It is a whole $15.xx though, so I can understand the sense of entitlement. I mean, come on…



You can do it with Quantum.


Looks like he beat me to it - the Tony Saunders apps (Quantum and midiSequencer)


Any suggestions for something like an sh-101?


Also interested

With the loss of my OT can anyone suggest any amazing step sequencer apps that might fill the void for a bit? I’d really appreciate it.


AUM, plus bram bos rozetta is the best set of sequencers


The best step sequencer I know is Quantum hands down


What happened to your OT? Mine has gone back to the shop for a closer look at an issue I was having. First weekend without it and I’m surprised how much I miss it given I was mostly just messing around on it.

I got rozetta like @ZaBong said, which I’m using with Zeeon in Aum for now


Cheers people I’ll give em a look, and nothing bad happened, I’ve just gotta sell it temporarily. shame to hear, mines always been rock solid. Mk1 or 2?


Ah that sucks hope you get back on it. I was having some weird midi issue, even support was stumped, was a mk2


Sunvox has a great step sequencer. Patterns are pretty flexible - can have tracks with patterns of different lengths, tempo changes, patterns can be arranged in any arbitrary order, even if theyr’e not all the same length, lots of automation, etc.

I have not tested the MIDI out personally, though there’s a SunVox evangelist who claims it drives all his hardwarre synths just fine.


Of course as soon as I post about a sequencer I read about yet another brand new sequencer that looks shiny


Am I an idiot or can one not use Samplr to receive audio from an external source in AUM? I cant set it up as an FX send and I don’t see a way to set it up as a channel to receive incoming audio…