iPad Music Apps?


Why would you want to buy Gadget for Switch if you already have it on iOS?


i dunno i like to waste my money on redundancy. i prolly shouldn’t considering it’s not nearly as feature rich as the ios version. still looks fun to use the controller


By looking at it, one unique Switch feature seems to be multiplayer - offline only unfortunately. Could be fun anyways.


I use auria pro as my main daw. Mostly because of the great fabfilters and other plugins that i’m too cheap to pay full Price for. Picked up most on special for under 20 bucks each.


yeah, about that. I started having probs using all i/o on the 12MTK. I’m on latest iOS, maybe somethings’ changed?


Hard to say - too many iPad and iPhone models and generations - each potentially with different set of problems. I do understand that each of the 12 channels can be used for USB audio OR for analog audio, but not for both.


the outputs didnt seem to work normally IIRC. I’ll get back to this.


I’m having a similar issue, but it seems only present when I use Auria, everything works fine in Cubasis


I somehow overlooked TASCAM’s multichannel audio interface/mixers. There’s a 20x20 model for example that’s been out for 2 years now, with digital patchbay feature, 8 mic preamps, etc. - lower asking price than the competing MOTU UltaLite


there’s also something to say for real buttons and joysticks, and the tilt sensing to control parameters works surprisingly well. I’m not a fan of touch screen interfaces for music making, really. There’s just no “there” there. I might be in the minority with that though.

Don’t discount the easy switching between couch-TV play and on-the-go play, either. It’s incredible to have that flexibility.


You can get pretty good midi controllers for ipad… though personally I don’t have issues with touch screens either. I like touch screen more than mouse, that’s for sure.

With AppleTV, you can mirror ipad screen on TV too - though I must say I am not certain how well it works with Gadget as I don’t have AppleTV. It’s awesome on the couch with just the 12.9" iPad Pro screen however :slight_smile:


For sure, but that’s an extra device attached to your tablet, then. This is all built in, and that makes a difference for non-tabletop play.

I wonder if mirroring the screen would introduce latency. There’s zero latency with Switch in TV mode and the joy-cons or pro controller.


Hm, was determined to get it on release day but dodged due to the export issue…maybe need to revisit that decision


This, the multiplayer part, is starting somehing extremely exciting of which I am certain we will consider as a milestone for digital music collaboration in a few years


As long as you realize it’s basically too stripped down to be a serious all-in-one DAW right now, and you’re OK with sampling it for further work in your hardware or primary DAW, I’d recommend it. At $50 it’s way pricier than most iPad apps and way cheaper than most software plugins, but priced as a deep video game you can spend 100+ hours on, that price point mostly makes sense. :slight_smile:


They should have online multiplayer in the iOS version. That would be fun.


that’s why apps like Borderlands Granular or Samplr make so much sense and fun on iPad.

a few years ago I was using somewhat-complicated setup with ipad and 2 nanokontrols - the mapping I did was crazy, with all kind of routings to effects, sampling and resampling between apps, etc… but I realized I was missing the point a bit.
I started playing with Samplr again and realized why people still buy it even if it’s missing a long overdue update - it’s just really, really fun to play - and takes advantage of the touchscreen.

I also love Shoom, an app that I was lucky to betatest - although it’s also missing a few features (saving sessions with notes, pickup mode for MIDI!!! I would love those two features so much…)


Patterning 2 :slight_smile:


As far as straight-up drum machines go, Patterning is beyond reproach. Brilliantly designed. It alone is worth the purchase of an iPad. It’s hard to imagine what could be done to improve it really. As long as the new features don’t detract from the immediacy and elegance of the current interface…

I am excited to see the addition of playable pads and yet more MIDI options for external sequencing. And sample folders… Hallelujah!



yes, MIDI input and sample folders are probably my favorite new features… it will be hard to resist this one