iPad Music Apps?


try this and tell me if it works :slight_smile:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJfqsXZfXaw&t=505s
I just found that yesterday and had no time to check for myself.


Ugh. That means I would have to get Audiobus for just that reason and I have no interest in doing that.



Dear Hivemind,
I’m looking for an Ipad app (not multiple apps hat can give me the same results) that can:

  • Sample;
  • Edit the sample;
  • Apply effects;
  • Resample;
  • Layer samples.

BeatMaker comes to my mind, any other suggestions?

I’d be using it a sampler (doh!) to prepare samples to eventually load into a Deluge (should I go down that route) and avoid editing using my ears only…


BeatMaker 3 seems like the obvious choice. yes.


Are you using looped samples or single hit samples to build a beat you want to record?

If building beats from hits, then BM3, iMPC, etc, would work.

However, on an iPad I think you are still stuck using multiple apps. Even with Beatmaker you are still loading multiple apps in as plugins for your effects.

If using longer loops, I would recommend something like AUM and AudioShare. Import sounds, folders, etc, into AudioShare. Then load the audio files as single audio files in AUM. Add effects channels, and record the Channel out directly in AUM.

I find AudioShare and AUM offers the greatest amount of in and out flexibility.

Interested in the solution you settle on.


BM3 is probably what you’re looking for, it does all of that pretty well. It does have internal FX but you’ll likely end up using external ones too, it’s no more of a drag than loading a plugin in a DAW

also someone posted this online, apparently it works. The Bluetooth box powers the MPD. some people may find it useful


I’d second AUM, although you would have to buy fx apps, not necessarily a bad thing imo cause there’s some really good ones.

AUM is just very easy to work with I find. I get a bit annoyed at BM3 (and Auria), not because they are bad but because they are not Ableton I think. I was just super comfortable working in Ableton and nothings on iOS has quite hit the spot.

AUM is just the least hassle for me.


I saw Yamaha made these things

You’re still tied to cables (for power) but I’ll give them a go, one less cable means more options around what gets plugged into my ipad.


I would be using it only for preparing samples so Ableton link would not be an issue and usign AU effects would not be a problem either, but I was looking into alternatives, I might have missed some awesome app out there.
I looked into AUM too, which I use quite often as digital mixer, but I never tried the sampling/editing workflow, will try it, but not sure it has layering?


Depends what you mean by layering. You can sample and resample with the in-built file player or you can use multiple channels to a bus, both of which will have the same outcome but might not do what you need workflow wise. Editing you would have to use audioshare which works well but limited in functionality to trim/fade/normalize. BM3 would be better I think if you wanted features like a workstation sampler.


people have already probably seen these but I just stumbled across it and thought it was cool. custom controllers for the moog apps. (animoog, model 15). was thinking it would be nice to have a midi controller specifically for the model D app and found these vids


Just got Tardigrain. Stunning. Few well thought out parameters that lead to endless possibilities. And the layering / resampling is so good. I was cooking OT food in minutes.

Is there an app that offers lots of LFOs? I have an OT but just for immediate sakes.


Bram Bos Rozeta Suite. Lfo as Auv3


Nice. I’d never really given it a look as I’d always had my OT but that is a ton of skills for the price.

Next one: is there an AU / IAA app that can check tuning? So if I want to know what the tuning is of some Tardigrain result, I can throw it in the FX send? All the ones I’ve found are stand alone…


Tonal Energy ? IAA and Audiobus compatible…


Thanks. Guess I didn’t look hard enough at the description. :flushed:

I tried a free one that was IAA but it didn’t work. I’ll have to contact the developers…


Reporting back on using BeatMaker3 as a sampler/audio editor to prep samples.
It all worked like a charm, some of the included effects, like the “dynamics” are really good for cleaning found sounds.
My only gripe is that in order to resample with effects I have to create a sequence, but it’s a minor thing.


Strangely , I don’t think it is mentioned in the description. But the dev (thumb jam , drum jam etc) posted on audiobus forum to highlight this functionality. He posts as sonosaurus there.


I meant I got a totally different tuner that was free with IAA support only cause I wanted to see if it worked.

But…wow…reading through that post it seems to do that plus a great ton more. Thank you very much for your help. :star:


Has no one done a one unit, interface + MIDI keyboard / controller dockthing for the iPad yet? Would be great.