iPad Audio Interface

yeh man its all about freedom and speed… since the outputs and inputs from your gear are always exposed right there, its just a matter of switching around some short patch cables to reconfigure your whole setup… super handy


Patchbays are essential, both audio and midi. Couldn’t imagine using my studio without them now.

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There’s a midi patchbay?

Yup. Midi patchbay/midi interface…for routing midi however you need. I’ve got an old Emagic Unitor 8 MkII and AMT8 for 16 ins/outs, but I’ve thought lately of replacing them with something more modern like the iConnectivity Mio10: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/mio10


yeh you can see mine in the picture there with the green LCD, its a MOTU midi timepiece… (“mark of the unicorn” - theres a little picture of the beast on the left hand side)

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Yeah the Motu midi interfaces are the best I have found.

Recommend buying either the express xt or micro express models, or the Midi Timepiece mentioned above (though discontinued now??)

Though more expensive, these are the most powerful of the Motu range and have an internal digital midi patchbay accessed through their computer app which allows any input to be connected to any output. Really powerful

The cheaper Motu units and most other cheaper midi interfaces you will find won’t have this powerful midi matrix system


Worth mentioning also I use a free program called Midi OX (maybe PC only though?)

It basically can connect any midi input from any midi interface plugged into your computer to any midi output of any midi interface plugged into the computer.

This program acts as your midi patch bay and means you can buy a cheaper basic midi interface then use this software as the midi patchbay. Works really well.

Obviously only useful if a computer is being used when producing


I use the Sound Devices USBPre 2 on the iPad. It has a superlative sound.

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What about the iConnectivity2+, can I use it with my old iPad 9.3.5 ?
Does one of you use it and can say sth about it? Thanks

after reading through the iPad music app thread I thought I would resurrect this one to see if there are new opinions on iPad audio interfaces.

I’m very interested in processing the DT and DN through an iPad, using different sets of effects on each one, so currently, I’m investigating the RME Babyface Pro. Does anyone have any other opinions or recommendations?

Personally I think an RME is overkill but one can never go wrong with overkill.

I use Zoom U24 and love it and so do a lot of other people.


Hi, i have the iconnectivity 2+. Works nicely with my Digitakt. I use two battery packs. One powers the soundcard (which powers the ipad) and the other powers the Digitakt.


looks like https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/iConnAudio4p--iconnectivity-iconnectaudio4 might work, it has 4 audio in, 4 out, and MIDI in/out?

I’ve used a focusrite 18i8 over cck2 with no problems

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and just for context, in my head im thinking:

Step 1: DT -> Audio Interface -> Audio Damage Plugin

Step 2: DN -> Audio Interface -> Other Audio Damage Plugin

Step 3:

Step 4: Audio goes out the speakers to teh humans ears

With the IconnectMIDIs you need a DAW running on a computer and an audio interface. The audio passthrough basically makes it so that the IOS devices outputs show up as an input pair to a computer connected at the same time. So the IOS audio shows up as input but since the ICM doesn’t have any audio outputs the signal needs to be routed from a DAW or software on the computer to some physical audio outputs connected to the computer.

The IconnectAudios have physical outputs and work with iOS devices as interfaces with no computer/DAW/other interface needed…

With both you can easily route audio from IOS to DAW, DAW to IOS, DAW->IOS->DAW, etc… With the Audio you could just run Elektrons->IOS fx->ICAaudiooutputs…


Using SPL Crimson 3 with the iPad, a perfect board if your io needs are modest! MIDI DIN i/o as well :diddly:

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Do any of the Zoom handheld recorders double as an audio interface for iOS?

Yes. The h6 is specifically designed to work that way. While the manual says you can only do two channels, I’ve tested and been able to use all four with the iPad. Haven’t tested six yet (I have the TRS expander).

It will chew through batteries, though, if you use more than two channels, so you might want to think about getting a hub for long sessions.


Yes, I’ve done that with the H5

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