iPad Audio Interface

Unfortunately none of the field recorders have MIDI though. If that’s important to you…

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Cool. I’ve wanted to try one of the Zoom’s for a while, but will hold back since I don’t really need one until I do another long overseas trip, probably late next year. Maybe NAMM will bring new and improved models.

If the recorder function isn’t essential Zoom made some great batter-operated interfaces that are incredibly useful with lots of features.

Has anyone used the MOTU Microbook IIc?

Audio Damage has a new iOS and VST looper coming, and I am wanting a lower latency 2 in/ 2 out solution than my Behringer UCA-202 to use for iPad Mini4 looping.

this is cool as… in ways… :sunglasses:

Yeah man.
I think it might all be just magnetics.

In fact
EVERYTHING is magnets. :man_astronaut:

I purchased a few apps over Christmas plus AUM and have been really impressed, I also got a Steinberg UR22 interface to use with iPad/ iPhone however not overly impressed with the headphone output, clarity, loudness. What’s anyone’s thoughts , is there a big difference with something like an apogee duet, rme Babyface or maybe the Arturia audiofuse, anyone have any experience with any of these, I’m just looking for something that sounds excellent and gives a decent volume.

Do you need the Auria Pro app on the iPad in order to use the H6 as an audio interface? I’ve just been reading a review and it said you do but 🤷

I have 2 of these. Works really well, fine audio quality, super cheap, bus powered.


I’m new to ipads.

do u 100% need an audio interface with a usbC ipad to get a line input or could u use a USB-c - 3.5mm jack adapter?

ah, they’re just for headphones etc. that was pretty obvious in hindsight :joy:

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You don’t need an USB-C iPad, one with a lightening port will also do as long as you use the Camera Connection Kit (Apple’s adapter Lightening-to-USB). Secondly you need to make sure that the interface is class compliant and that it either can work on reduced power draw (iOS ready) or that you provide it with enough power to work with your iPad (eg through a powered USB hub or DC power).

What external device(s) do you want to connect to the iPad? What do you want to achieve?

ah it was just seeing if I could stick a line in without audio interface to use ipad as real-time fx processor & audio recorder for any device.
I get the vibes now.

I own a SP404 MKII and a M8 Tracker and I connect them directly with a usb-c cable to my iPad. In this case I don’t need a audio-interface, and can use the iPad as a FX send/return or as a recorder. But other external hardware do need a audio interface. That’s why I asked your specific use.

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wow i didn’t know the m8 can do audio over usb.
man, I keep missing amazing things about the m8.

[it’s the m8 I wanna use with the ipad mostly].

Yes, it can

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unreal :fire::heart:

Thanks Peter

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You’re welcome. Have fun!

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so with a single USB cable (& usbC ipad) I can sequence ipad synths with m8 & record m8 audio in to ipad simultaneously.


Yes, I use my iPad Pro M1 that way. I bought a micro-usb to usb-c cable and connect the M8 directly to the iPad. This way you can midi sequence your iPad synthesizers but als sequence the M8 with your iPad from AUM. I use Loopy Pro to record the M8 audio.

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