iPad Audio Interface

On iOS, there is no way to supply a driver to USB devices. This is why everything must be class compliant.

The only other way to interface is with “Made For iOS” devices, which use a proprietary cable that has a DRM chip inside. Apple is trying to make sure they get paid for every device that wants to connect to their walled garden.

And how are people sending/treating their iPad audio to/in the OT? I’m finding the audio from a mini jack to 2xMonoTR less than optimal…

Just in case you have one laying around… you can use a Zoom H4n as an audio interface, as long as you used a powered hub in between.
I was looking for a portable interface for my iPad, when I suddenly realized I already had one :slight_smile:
only 2 inputs and miniplug output but really portable, can be used as a recorder in the meantime…
if portability isn’t an issue, I also use an AKAI EIE, wich has a 3-port USB hub for controllers and such, and works great… 4 in/4 out, a bit bulky but great price and quality.

oh yeh, ive got a whole signal chain front-end for sampling into the OT… preamps, RNC (compressor), mixer busses… ive found you need to be able to slam the OT inputs as hard as possible, like into bright red clipping range, then just back off until its right on the edge … maybe not all the time - but in any event it needs compression on the way in

if its something that needs super extra clarity and detail i usually record into a DAW, process it with outboard and or plugins, make it perfect and as close to 0db as possible, then just import the sample via USB

ive had zero issues with the OT sample playback or the sound quality of its samples/sound engine, and Im firmly convinced all complaints surrounding this issue are 100% user error

let me hear from an actual sound engineer with 5000+ hours of studio time that has a different perspective - otherwise, just try harder


I also use one with my iPad. Works great both for recording into my iMac and recording into iPad.

Lot of my iPad noodlings are simply piped into Audioshare, but I also like multi-track recording into Cubasis.

As far as audio interconnectivity between iPad and Octatrack, that is practically a different topic. I am still researching ways to route audio from input instruments (viola, electric violin, synths, etc.) into Octatrack, Cocolase, and Eventide H9 in parallel. Toss iOS device into the mix for more complication. Thinking K-Mix might be a good solution, although I’m a bit leery of losing the physical knobs that I’m used to manipulating on my analog mixer.

iConnectivity Iconnectaudio 4+
Without any doubt the best way to connect iPad, midi over din or Usb, and computer, both audio and midi!
On the iPad, patterning is the master, Analog 4 the slave, and Cubasis running in the background for audio dumps, edits and recording vocals / guitars. Both my iPads and the A4 are connected to the iConnect4+ by both midi and audio.
The stereo out of the Analog4 is send to the audio in 3/4 of the iConnectaudio. so no mixer, no computer… just music.
connections A4-2.pdf (5.2 MB)

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what’s your budget?

$1200 US dollars. What’s on your mind?

Iconnect audio4+ (Studio)
Roland Duo Capture EX (for nomad work)

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Also i would like to say with iConnect Audio4+ that’s the best low latency i have with no audio artifacts in 2 decade… Better (i not say Recording Quality) than Tascam FW-1884, Native Instruments Kore 1, TC Electronic Konnekt Live, Motu 828x TB … !!!

Otherwise not the same amount of INS and OUT so it probably a relation too.

iconnectivity iconnectAudio4+, i would say at first pro around me advise me this brand for midi, as i have so much pain with audio interface and their midi coming with it, every one didn’t work properly audio perfect but midi not so nice. I sold my MOTU because i ran test with Overbridge and was satisifed. So i would like to get 4 audio ins / 4 audio out (for my Octatrack and my SyncGen 2 pro considered as a second options if overbridge not working or system os updates) I was amazed honestly about the Audio4+ very low latency, king of the midi routing, possibility to make a real AUX effects Send Return with an IPAD… possibility to plug a USB master midi device, to charge device ! I think this interface is Modern, Intelligent ! Class compliant … in fact there’s too many advantage on this interface : Midi, Audio, Routing, Mobile and Tablet support, and the PRICE !

so it’s just a joke to spend more elsewhere except for the need of more ins/out which i can perfectly understand.

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For audio quality only : NO DOUBT !

Could someone go into further detail about the novation circuit as an ipad midi controller? I’m now considering getting one for programming Korg Gadget, among other things, certainly

How’s this for detail? :wink:



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Gaura seems to be the resident Circuit expert here. This was his post on the iPad apps thread:

"Novation Circuit my friend!

Enjoy a hardware sequencer with midi CC automation and pad control!

There are 5 different pages of macro controls, 2 polyphonic synth sequencers, a 4 note drum channel, and tons of session/ scenes!

… plus it has 2 built in synths and a sampler "

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if you have 3 or more hardware devices/synths/samplers with 2 or more inputs each… I strongly suggest getting a patchbay… essential bit of kit


What do those do?

they say pictures are worth a thousand words…

its very handy… mine is half-normalled - meaning the top row is outputs, the bottom row is inputs - and what is above is patched into what is below… even if i plug a patch cable into the top row, it is still connected to the bottom row - only by plugging a patch cable into an input on the bottom row does the “normalled” connection get “broken” or shunted

you can see my rack mixer there as well, which is another essential bit when dealing with patchbays (IMO)

i was mainly inspired by all the inputs on the elektrons and the ipad, but then the front-mounted inputs on my audio interface basically sealed the deal for me

its not really “sexy time” purchases… very utilitarian… but it opens a whole new world of convenience and options for processing things into each other, making crazy signal chains, etc.


Oh shit! I think I get it! This seems necessary to me! Thanks for the suggestion!

So, basically I could run 8 outs to my interface, but I can plug all of my instruments into it and select which channels I want to run into the 8 ins of my interface, and even send a few out and back to effects.

And I can control the complete direction from the patchbay instead of manually plugging things in and out