iPad Audio Interface

What Audio Interface is everyone using to record their Elektron jams into the iPad? Thoughts on audio quality of the recording would help too. Looking fto upgrade to something with 1/4"in to bounce my mixes from my mixer into iPad.

native instruments komplete audio 6
(mine if for sale :wink: for 150 euro


I use an irig duo to get things onto my iphone and it works really well, and also has midi adapters (also great for those obligatory instagram videos) :smiley:

Iconnect audio4+ has great features and sounds good. Super versatile.

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Alesis IODock… Ive got an Air2 so the physical dimensions are a bit off - but once you put a foam insert or something in there, works great

2x 1/4 or XLR inputs, with gain trim and phantom power, switchable to Hi-Z
2x 1/4 outputs
MIDI DIN input and output
charges the ipad while connected

allows my ipad to fit into my studio environment with 100% functionality in terms of being on par with all the other devices… its indispensible imo… game changer


What iPad App do you guys use to bounce recordings into your computer?

I use the irig pro duo to get audio in and out of the IPad but have found the midi side a little tedious but I think it’s me, I have some weird electricity thing going on!
People get electric shocks off me sometimes, I can’t use keyfobs for cars - the alarm goes off no matter what, and every pc I’ve had goes tits up for no reason. Amongst other symptoms.
Hardware is okay though!

I havent used my iPad as a primary recording device just yet… Ive got a few apps for that but since Ive always had my DAW with its full-on audio interface available, I dont need to…

I think AUM will record stuff… its an essential app anyways, its completely required

theres an app called MasterRecord that is ok for it…

honestly none of them are nearly as good as something like Wavelab or Audition or Logic or a dedicated PC editor like that… they all record ok, but the editing functions are severely lacking and the UI is usually a bit of a pain

I’m not trying to edit on the iPad. I just want to record in and bounce back to the MacBook Pro.

Im kinda puzzled why you arent recording directly to the macbook pro? If you are going to “bounce” to it? because that implies recording… no reason to record into ipad and then record into macbook, if you are just looking to record… why the middleman?

but usually if i want to get a recording from the ipad into my PC, i usually upload the recording to google drive or something like that, then re-download it to the computer… there are tons of ways to “share” a file or move it around digitally with the ipad

alternately… every recording app can playback… so you would just record the playback if thats what you wanted, but again… i dont really understand the thought process here

Hey Invisible,

My current setup is a macbook pro with tha UA Apllo solo using two outs into the Xdesk Summing Mixer. So usually I am writing ideas out in live. So I got the drums or samples writing an idea and I need to involve hardware into the mix. Should I just Audio in to my apollo from my xdesk output 1 and 2? I always fear that if I am not monitoring my channels right with this setup I will end up in a feedback loop.

Inputs 3-8 into the XDesk are usually used by Elektron / Hardware machines.So I have live song ideas that I need to record into the iPad. Now that I’ve recorded those parts or seperate channels I want to bounce tracks or mixes into the MacBook to polish in Logic or Soundforge.

oh yeh man… there is no ipad interface I know of that comes close to that level of quality… except the apogee duet or something…

yeh you want to record with the Apollo as much as possible, the converters on that thing are super excellent…

you can monitor your inputs via the software metering, theres plenty of ways to get that done either with plugins or the native metering inside Live

a feedback loop is usually going to be hard to ignore, you should be able to hear any issues as they are happening

im not completely clear on your setup, but yeh - if I were you Id be recording into the apollo and then importing those files back into the iPad if necessary… there would be a drastic difference in quality if you just went straight into the ipad, thats why I say it… not only with SNR (signal to noise ratio) but also in the detail of the audio (kinda like the resolution… its like pixellation on images, the higher resolution you can get the better)

if you had a cheapo audio interface, it would make much less difference but in this case you should take advantage of it

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I have a Traktor Audio 6 and actually do not like it’s sound. Something with the high frequencies, they’re stiff somehow. Planning to buy an Audient ID14 in the near future and using my Midas 48XL via ADAT into Auria Pro for multitrack recording.

Thanks bro. I’ll figure my routings out in live and make a template for it. Cheers.

I think I just have to turn monitoring off on track I’m using in live and turn on audio in to the audio track in live. There shouldn’t be any noticeable input latency with maschine or push 2 I hope. I’ll get back with my experiments on this thread.

Roland Duo Capture EX. The amps are very good and I was able to capture my finest technical sounds to date last weekend. I recorded into my MacBook Air and I was happily surprised to learn that it records into smart devices.

Only a compression plugin on the master bus and a few on my vocals. It was just a jam so don’t expect much. https://m.soundcloud.com/hismostdarxxxellent/youre-bringing-me-down

I was super happy to hear the source of the sound replicated into a recording. I’ve never experienced that before. Smiles for miles and wider than the Nile.


I usually record everything into AudioShare. It’s incredibly easy to record and move files around via Dropbox or use it with my other apps.

As for hardware, I either use a 30 pin Griffin StudioConnect with a lightning adapter I liberated from my old job, or a Novation X-Station which works as an audio/midi interface and a pretty decent knobby controller. I’ve also hacked together a setup with a cheap USB/midi cable, a shitty Alesis USB mixer (that I actually kind of love to pieces), and a powered USB hub with different controllers-it’s basically commercial hardware, and as long as everything is Class Compliant and you’re mindful of the power draw you can do things pretty cheap; the one thing you can’t skimp on is the official Apple lighting to USB connector if your needs require it, because the generics pretty much never work. I also use StudioMux on occasion, which is kind of a no-brainer if you’re going to be using iOS with the computer.

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Bro I didn’t know the CCK accepts the xstation. Interesting. Thanks

Yeah, I discovered that a few years ago. The X-Station was pre-iOS, too…also can run on batteries. The Alesis mixer I mentioned was also pre-iOS. There’s certainly some specialized pieces of iOS music hardware out there worth a look, but a lot of it is marketing. I couldn’t find options that quite fit my needs, so I started exploring :slight_smile:

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Yea I’ve had my xstation25 since 2005. Decent starter digital synth. I loved the garage and techno presets on it. Keys are great too for playing and finger drumming.

Time to get audioshare also.

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I always forget there’s actually a synth engine in the thing. I’ve messed with it a bit, and geeked out way too long with the preset that nails “Just Can’t Get Enough”, but it fills so many other roles that I’ve never spent much time programming sounds on it. Seems good for thinner sounds to fit into a mix tho.

AudioShare and AudioBus really are essential for iOS music IMHO. I can’t be bothered with any of the DAW apps out there, but those two are plenty to allow me to record different signal chains and get them to my DAW or hardware.

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