Introducing Model:Samples


Ok, I will preorder this lol. For round-robin samples, I can create chains consisting of as many samples as I want; just need to leave enough empty space afterwards to compensate for however many samples it’d take to make 120. Then, I’d just have to limit the range of the random LFO to the number of samples. This just seems like too much fun, and I could definitely use more fun in my life.


Who knows? the MS may turn out to be their best Product yet


I’m a big fan of all the knobs, and its light weight. I’m just looking for something to bang out beats with Wave Alchemy drum samples loaded up. This looks like the ticket.


Which store did you buy your Model:Samples from???


I was also pondering about the 120 samples, it may work with short samples but not sure about longer ones as there are no regular amp parameters, have to use an lfo to compensate and then no more random samples :roll_eyes:


I keep going back and forth tbh. I’m now thinking why not spring for a Squarp Pyramid to sequence my laptop instead.


I’ve been hoping for something in between a DT and a volca sample for a while = pretty pumped


Can the FX parameters on the M:S be parameter locked? Taking into consideration they have their own knobs, it’d totally seal the deal for me if you could at least parameter lock the “reverb size” and “delay time” parameters.


nope, FX parameters can not be locked.

FX sends can be locked.


In addition to Dataline above, according to the manual LFO parameters can’t be locked too. So only LFO/FX settings and samples can’t be locked. The rest can be locked.


Hmm, interesting… The LFO parameters; WAVE, MULTI, DESTINATION and DEPTH can be locked. Will check up on the manual!


The parameters in LFO setup can not be locked but the other LFO paramaters can, sorry if I made that unclear. Should’ve attached an image :sweat_smile: It’s at the bottom of page 34.


I see that “swing” is a track parameter. Does this mean that “swing” can be modulated be the track’s LFO? I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to create a “humanization” effect on the M:S by randomly modulating the timing (subtly) somehow.

It’d be so amazing if “nudge” were a track parameter that could be modulated with a random LFO imo.


Actually, I just realized how differently “swing” is implemented on the M:S versus the DT. On the DT, the single swing setting applies to the entire pattern; the M:S has independent swing settings for every track. This is huge imo.


That is huge indeed!

It has some pretty powerful sequencer stuff only seen on OT before. Tempo per track and also swing per track. Might be a nice little box to sequence melodies on. If only the midi could do 4 or more notes for chords…


If I can confirm that “swing” can be modulated by the track’s LFO, I’ll order one later tonight for sure.


No… that would be a great feature!

Speak of which… is there allready a feature request thread for the M:S?


Are you saying you know for sure that it isn’t possible to modulate the track’s swing parameter with the track’s LFO?


I know for sure… i am one of the few who bought one…

All those negativity about the M:S i wanted to check for myself and something about this newcomber attracts me. Aspecially the hands on playability. In the studio it adds nothing (in my oppinion) if you have a DT or an AR.


Shucks. Thanks for the info; if this were possible, it’d make the M:S seem very special to me.

I think maybe the M:S is best suited for this type of additional functionality out of all the boxes due to how “swing” and “nudge” have been organized as easily-accessible track parameters. Being able to modulate the timing is something I really value in a sequencer, and it isn’t as common as it should be.