Introducing Digitone


I appreciate the thorough follow-up, as well as others’ responses. I should definitely be doing more reading, and less thinking I’ve some notion of how FM (or phase modulation) synthesis works. I was worried there might be some kind of system that prevented achieving really raw/wicked phase modulation sounds, juicy frequency combinations, and other, more “electro-” sorts of sounds, like AFX bass on the tracks XMAS_EVET_10 and 4 bit 9d… off of Syro. Ultra- sounding / “electronic” bass sounds etc. Thanks for the link.


If any of youse are looking for more FM synthesis knowledge, may I present a workshop by the great Rob Hordijk*.

*Look his name up, kids!


I expect the DN will be able to nail those bass sounds you are referencing. Those sound very DX to me, which uses the same concept


These boxes together are powerful. Excellent song crafting there!!




I appreciate the examples! However, I still think there’s a lot of useful territory in there. I agree that for the most part people will make best use of the preset ratios, but for those who’d like a little more room to explore it would be nice to have the option to toggle between smooth and stepped. Or alternatively an option where the detune is linked to the ratio control so that it seamlessly wraps from the end of one limit to the beginning of the next.


For the record — I miss FX tracks WAY more than I miss song mode. Hopefully Elektron will see fit to implement some midi loopback machines. IE. a CTR-AL machine/ CTR-FX machine, etc.


Can‘t you already do that with Midi Out->Midi In?


It’s my understanding (my bandmate is the takt owner), that 1. it’s crash prone to do this. 2. thru also doesn’t seem to work, so you can’t use it as your masterclock, which sucks b/c it’s the device that recalls tempo per pattern.


Nice track by CO5MA there. I don’t think it would have happened if he had to create all the FM sounds in Operator first.

A few years back on the old Loopers Delight mailing list (now that’s old school!) there was a friendly debate over using Octatrack vs. Ableton Live. The Live guy of course put forth the classic “software can do ANYTHING!” argument, but once they dug into the weeds, he had to concede the Octatrack guy was able to execute some things faster than the Live guy, because of the physical buttons, knobs, etc. Even some setup stuff was faster in the OT - assigning FX to slots, assigning LFOs, etc.

That’s what the FM8/Operator vs. Digitone discussion reminded me of.


I think you’re reading a little too far into this. I am by no means making a demand, just saying ‘it would be nice’. I still have one on order.



Best DN jam I’ve heard so far. Amazing sounds in this one


Absolutely Riviting!


want Digitone, need _Digitone


The Zabutom video is a great demonstration of art (practice) defeating theory. IMO, of course.


gorgeous tones and a lovely composition. another good reason for me to get both instruments.


brilliant jam. thanks for posting!


sar / chasm


I’ll be honest- I didn’t get it either.