Introducing Digitone


I couldn’t find a confirmation in the manual :
Is there 8 voices polyphony (homophony) for midi tracks too ?
Where is it in the manual ?


5.3.2 THE MIDI TRACKS pg.15


Ah, the best Elektron manuals reader is in the place ! :thup:


I’m not seeing where to enter these extra notes though…
All I find is the root note setting, which mentions extra notes… :thinking:


Yeah that’s why I asked. :wink:
8CC, but only one LFO for midi tracks ?
Specs don’t mention it clearly.


Maybe it’ll have something to do with the chord input, or they’ll show up on the midi trig parameters page…

Currently it does not look like the manual explains how to enter them… :face_with_monocle:

Edit: whoops, shame on me, didn’t look hard enough, answer a few posts down…(section 10.2.3-4) :nerd_face:


Digitone looks like candy, I want to eat it! :yum:


I love my Novation Peak. It just sounds great, pure, high-end. The effects are amazing. I think it will a good companion of the DN. The peak does not sound FMish. It has a very palette of sound and possibilities. Just a pity that it’s not multitimbral :frowning:




That’s why I didn’t purchase the Peak.:sleepy:


I must admit, the Digi form factor is becoming more admirable especially now that I see the footprint of two of them side by side…

If in the future more Digis come along that tick the right boxes for my jam flow, I can see an awesome 3 box + midi keyboard, mic, and guitar live rig… Formidable yet portable…
(Uh oh, my :elot: heard me and is looking at me funny :joy:)


I know! I’m still not quite tempted enough for live stuff to replace the OT. It does just so much. But these new mini groove stations/sound design wormholes are impressive.


I went and had a good talk with my :elot: and reassured it that I’ll always be it’s trusty steward… :joy:


Any idea about whether the MIDI tracks send arp notes?


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have one. Not clear in the manual.

5.3.1 THE SYNTH TRACKS The Digitone has four synth tracks. Each synth track holds one Sound. The Sound contains the settings in the PARAMETER pages (SYN1, SYN2, FLTR, AMP, and LFO) together with the settings in the SOUND SETUP menu and the ARPEGGIATOR menu. Press one of the [TRACK 1–4] keys to select which synth track to edit.

5.3.2 THE MIDI TRACKS The Digitone also has four MIDI tracks. They are used to control external MIDI equipped gear. Each MIDI track can trigger a chord of up to eight notes with adjustable parameters such as velocity and length, control pitch bend and aftertouch, as well as eight freely assignable MIDI control change parameters (MIDI CCs). For more information, please see “12. MIDI TRACK PARAMETERS” on page 49. A MIDI track can have any MIDI channel assigned to it, and several tracks can share the same channel. If several tracks are assigned to the same MIDI channel the track with the lowest number has priority regarding parameter conflicts. The MIDI tracks function almost the same way as the synth tracks. Parameter locks, LFO modulation, copy and paste commands are available. Each MIDI track also features micro timing, individual track length, and time signature settings. The main difference is that the MIDI tracks do not generate any sound and the sequencer data instead transmits through the MIDI OUT or USB ports. Press the [MIDI] key and then press one of the [TRACK 1–4] keys to select which MIDI track to edit.


Absolutely! It’s just that I’ve got reserve parking for an ultra compact modular set up, then I’m maxed for live gear. At home, it’ll be a more mutable setup, so we will see :wink:


The DT did not excite me(thank god!) in the least. But an FM elektron box is too much. I want this so bad it’s ridiculous. I’m actually contemplating selling eurorack. And I still need a decent mixer. But an FM synth with control all like on the machinedrum… I’m drooling…


Good to know, thanks. I’ve been lusting for the Peak as well. Choose a Virus instead for the multitimbrality.

From the sound demos of DN it sounds more than FM-ish.


I think Digitakt and Digitone are to expensive in EU (for me) , almost 800 eur.

When DT was coming out i had impression it will be more like 600, but not 800.


i am looking at thomann, if you guys have some better option for EU, can you please let me know?


You enter notes for the MIDI tracks in the same way as you enter them for the synth tracks. If you want to add more than one note to a sequencer step, either use live recording or you can use grid recording and use either the track note method or the quick note method (10.2.3-4 in the manual).

Only one LFO for the MIDI tracks yes.

The arpeggiator settings are part of a Sound so the arpeggiator only available for the synth tracks. I will make this a bit more clear in the manual.