Introducing Digitone


Ahh there it is, thanks…


I know I should buy Maschine MK3, but DN is so enticing.
I gave up on waiting for updates on the DT and sold it… but if they add the filters from the DN to the DT it will be hard to resist getting another DT. Got hard to control the bass freq at time on the DT

Do I get the MK3 and continue focusing on sampling as my primary sound source or do I move into synthesis as my main sound generating thing…

Really after owning the DT, the though of a Plockable synth that can generate drum sounds has me excited… and is digital (because that’s my thing, I like weirdness in sound)

Someone above wisely suggested I buy the MK3 as it’s a good hub for the studio, but I think this and the Op1 being piped into Reason10 also would be pretty great. The new Grain synth in R10 combined with the DN would be make for some wild sonic adventures. I think ima do it… and if those DT updates ever come I have a nice spot on my desk for the DT


Digitone got a similar signal path to what A4 or AK has regarding how the filters, envelopes, lfo etc. are working.
I suspect that the flagship synth descendant of AK will be a device that has eight tracks and each track can have different machines (analog from A4 MKII, digital FM from Digitone and maybe a sampler from AR) and the signal path is built on the analog circuits (overdrive, filters etc.) :slight_smile:


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Looking good for chord entry!

is good… does the Chord knob do anything there? So instead of adding notes manually to create a chord on a step can we just turn the Chord knob (G) to choose from available chords on the current scale and root note?
Is there a way to adjust individual note velocities for each note on a step and add microtiming offsets to the notes to create strummed chords?? That would add so much musical potential in Grid Recording!!!

Also, please please add pentatonic scales!!

The DT is looking great !


Great video by Red Means Recording, featuring Cenk! :joy:


That seriously made me crack up :slight_smile:


Ha, I’m a minute in and cracking up! :joy::joy:


How to Digitone


Going by the current demos would the DN be good for techno baselines.
Tossing up between DN and Moog DFAM for this purpose.


I was just about to post this :smiley:


But now Elektron will HAVE to put that photo of Cenk inside every box, otherwise no deal! :smile:


Announcing the newest accessory from Elektron! A tiny little picture frame to put your CenkPic in.


I still think we need an official Cenk bobble head figurine.


I want a Cenk t-shirt
Maybe with the words: “Cenk from Elektron” on it



"P-Locking intensifies!"




wow. I just listened to that video and am very impressed. Assuming this won’t have the same issues as Elektron’s other recent releases that people have been reporting (bugs and hardware defects), this is gonna be impossible to resist!


one issue reported from @Hans_Olo

Dude deserves a free t-shirt or hoodie